I need to meet with the Nature again..

By Etson0x | Burky | 26 May 2020


Hello everyone.. As i said in the title i have really missed to go outside to the forest and parks.. It has been more than 2 months that we had to stay our houses.. The last time i have visited natural park was on 14th of March which was a few days before the lockdown..


I was visiting one of my friend who lives in Bursa.. Bursa is a great city, one of the biggest city in Turkey and there are 100s of forests and natural parks there.. Unfortunately we don't have these kind of parks in Istanbul so when i get a chance i go and visit him..


While i was deleting some unnecessery images and videos from my phone htis morning i found some videos about my last visit and i wanted to show you my "Last best day"..


Today is the last day for our latest 5 days curfew and tomorrow i would go to the outside, thank God! Also next week we can start travel between the cities and i am going to leave Istanbul and will go to our lake house.. My family is staying there since the beginning.. I have missed my parents, sister and brother a lot.. I am sure they feel the same.. We couldn't celebrate the eid together last week but this time we will have great barbeque party :)


I wish and pray about this Covid-19 situation ending soon, hope we would get back our normal lives.. We really need it right now..

Thank you..

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