Does it really looks like Bird?

By Etson0x | Burky | 3 Aug 2020

Hello everyone, wish you great days..

A couple of days ago when i check my twitter account i saw that my legend Larry Bird was on the top of the Top trending list.. I got surprised and also worried about him.. But when i start to search i saw that there is a tomato photo..

Yes, i have seen a Larry Bird photo with some tomato and when i saw it close i really got a big surprise! Because that tomato was really looking like the NBA Legend "Larry Bird"..

As a big fan of him i wanted to digg this photo and wanted to learn what was all about :)

Was it a silly joke or the tomato was real?

A guy named Paul, his twitter handle "@BingoWings14" he first posted the tomato and asked that if it's looking like Larry Legend..



After that we could see lots of mixed photo with Larry Bird with this tomato..



After that there were some more editings in 3 days and we had more images like these ones:







As i said that i believe the tomato just looks like Larry Legend and that was fun to see him like this :) But i also got happy to didn't hear any bad news about him.. I was worried when i saw his name on the trending topics..

I love Larry Bird, he is my legend and i wish him long and healthy life with his family.. God Bless him..


Image Sources: Twitter

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