A True Story: Shtisel

By Etson0x | Burky | 10 May 2020

Hello everyone, have good days..

I am sure lots of us watches movies and series, specially in last two months after we had the lockdown.. I think we should thank to the internet and Netflix because they are keeping us busy.. 

I usually choose the Sports movies or series which is my biggest interest.. But time to time i watch the other things as well.. As you remember i have prepared review about "The Unorthodox" 2 weeks ago ( You can consider Shtisel it's previous part.. I can easily say that i loved both series and i couldn't realised that i watched it too long.. I have watched at least 5 parts each time! 

The Shtisel series about the a big family who live in Israel and they live with Ultra sensitive Orthodox rules.. I beieve this is a pure culture that everyone should know about.. Their life is so simple and they just live for the rules and God.. I believe that i can't live like them, i would not have that strict life style in any religious view.. Too many rules and forbidden things.. I think you should watch the series to understand the whole idea.. You would understand their problems, dreams and happines.. Some of them are weird but they have chosen to live like that.. My biggest shock were to see the couples sleeps in seperate beds, only the important days they get together for some minutes.. 

They also got too many negative criticism too from the religious communities.. 

Anyways, it has won the Israel TV awards in several categories and i believe they have earned this.. Also they have amazing soundtrack which brought me lots of thinking and sadness..

I would recommend everyone to watch Shtisel, i am sure everyone would find something inside..

Thank you..


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