LoK - [GHUB] BurgerLand PayDay 4

By Burger | BurgerBaron | 13 Sep 2020

Dear $Burger holders and [GHUB] BurgerLand Kings & Queens,

It is the 4th PayDay already, day 60. Time is flying by but we are not sitting still. More Kingdoms, more Lands, more partnerships, better organization and an increasing activity among Kingdoms - things are looking up for BurgerLand and $Burger. 

What is BurgerLands?  

Seems the skins were a welcome addition to LoK if we take a look at BurgerLands:


Still gorgeous, ain't it? With a current amount of 53 Kingdoms we have grown 4 Kingdoms since last PayDay 22 days ago (moved up a week due to Shrine events). 

Last PayDay - day 38

We have also seen some super nice development since last PayDay. We'll look at current stats first but add an overview of day 38 and day 60 after to see progression. 


3,4916 + 3,0632 + 2,6414 + 2,167 + 1,5918 + 1,754 + 1,488 + 1,3828 + 1,1588 + 0,9868 + 0,9599 + 0,9549 + 0,9236 + 0,8616 = 23,4254 DAI total. 

23.45254 total DAI dividends over 22 days gives us an average of just above 1 DAI per day. This has gone down from 1.6657 daily DAI dividend of last PayDay. Since we have been doing relatively well, it seems that basically comes down to a worse payout from LoK either due to less spending in game or adjusting the % of rewards given out to LoK lands. Let's take a look at progression since last PayDay. Remember that this PayDay had 22 days of accumulating though.


We do see some very strong progression in levels and dev points such as 48k dev points for BurgerLand 7 and 42k dev points for BurgerLand 4. I'm doing power moves while typing it! Not to even mention how much more golden our Lands are looking! Did lose some majestic purple in there, but I have a feeling we'll get that back soon. 

Of the total of 23,4254 DAI a 20% cut, worth 4.68508 DAI will be used to burn $Burger [BRGR]. An 80% cut, worth 18.74 DAI will be payed out in matic according to the power distribution of Kingdoms on BurgerLand. 

What is $Burger [BRGR] ?

Since we added Split Lands to the $Burger [BRGR] backing I will quickly go into those stats too. 


A total of 2.4241 DAI. A cut of 80%, worth 1.93928 DAI has been sent to the Split Alliance in matic on their discord.  


A 20% cut, worth 0.48482 DAI will be used to buy and burn $Burger [BRGR]. Setting the total dividends, which will be used for buying and burning BRGR, at 5,1699 DAI for this PayDay.

  Split Lands? 

On to RSS. Firstly, the score over the last 4 days:  

Leading up to the following RSS totals:   


Almost reaching those 10 million RSS each! With current market prices of RSS we'll let it stack up and compensate once over 10 million each. RSS is thus not included in this PayDay. 


On to the Power Distribution of BurgerLands and the corresponding payouts of the 18.74 DAI:  


Grevinator not joking my fellow Kings and Queens, taking over 1st place with a BIG BOOST. Our last time top Kingdom Zonked (+ 3.950.193) down to 3rd place as both Grevinator (+10.149.754 ! ) and Kaspizausl (+7.683.430) go ahead and take charge with massive Power increases. GGian and BurgerBaron, both thinking they rocked the game in the beginning being pushed lower and lower, losers they are. We lost one of our big powerhouses Saitama, but gained a couple of very active new Kingdoms whilst others have been picking up steam. Overview of changes since last PayDay:   


Total power on BurgerLands going up 158.179.615 from 262.595.707 to 420.775.322. With a more clear organization in the Alliance, more recruits and better partnerships, I'm curious what kind of power and dividend increases we will have next time. The payouts will be done in Matic on Discord, see the bot-spam channel. The DAI-Matic exchange rate was put at:    889417daf7cd1b26de845bc47d8bc05cd779413716f9260fe2502487b8bf9a09.jpeg If I'll miss you due to not having the same nickname as ingame/you are not on LoK discord yet, please let me know.  

Received Matic and want to stake? This article helps

That was it for the 4th PayDay, on to the 5th at 27 september. In the meantime keep checking this blog for more BurgerLand updates and the $Burger Blog for BRGR related updates.

Thanks for stopping by and till next time,


*If you are playing League of Kingdoms  and want to join BurgerLands, please visit Gamers Hub on discord and let me know! 
* Do not only Play 2 Earn - Search 2 Earn as well! 


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