LoK - [GHUB] BurgerLand dividends update - Day 31

By Burger | BurgerBaron | 14 Aug 2020

[GHUB]BurgerLand Kings and Queens,

For transparancy regarding Burgerland Crypto Dividends, regular updates about DAI total and RSS total will be given here.

What is this BurgerLand?

Let's first see how BurgerLand is looking: 


Welcome to all newcomers! Look at the fam shining. Slowy but steady making sure BurgerLand 2/7 are filled up so we can have those effective spillings. 

On to the stats: 


Holy Moly! That is an amazing 3.24 daily DAI dividend. The new 8 lands might help, but imagine when we are able to level some more up, get some more Kingdoms in the right places - the sky is the limit. Proud of your works Kings and Queens. 

Last Update


We see dev points lacking a bit behind today, we gotta keep the crystals flowing. 
Thanks for tuning in again. Keep it fresh, keep it juicy,

BurgerLands for Glory. 

*If you are playing League of Kingdoms  and want to join BurgerLands, please visit Gamers Hub on discord and let me know! It seems we have enough room for a while.
* Do not only Play 2 Earn - Earn 2 Search as well! 

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