LoK - $Burger [BRGR] PayDay 13

By Burger | BurgerBaron | 24 Jan 2021

Dear BurgerLand Kings & Queens,

PayDay 13 already, time is moving quickly. Another 2 weeks of dividends since last payday. Due to going overbudget for buying more (shrine) land in the last sale the community fund is totally cleared out. We are finishing up the last things in paying for the lands, sending BRGR's/lands to the right adresses, so they will be added next payday. Also, this is probably the last time we are paying in $Whale, planning to fully pay in $Burger [BRGR] from next week on - thereby closing the loop of our play2earn which will mean you guys and gals will earn pieces of the land you are developing and playing on for free. 

$Burger [BRGR] play2earn model

Enough of the theoretical money talks, let's see where the actual dividends are at: 


A  3,3822 DAI dividend for the Northern Hive, which hasn't been farmed yet. Dividends of those lands will go 100% to BRGR buying. See Proof of Burger Burning at the end of each month.


A dividend of 53,90575 for the Southern Hive, that is 3,85 DAI dividend per day. WOOT. Excluding half of withdrawing fees from both we total 2,88 DAI for the Northern Hive - fully going to BRGR - and 53,41 for the Southern Hive of which 80% (42.73) will go to the GHUB (C1 + C2) in the form of $Whale for the last time and 20% (10.68) will be used to buy BRGR in our next POBB. 


Meaning both C1 and C2 Alliances (GHUB on both) together will receive a payment of 7.79 $Whale for working the Southern Hive (known as BurgerLands). We as $Burger [BRGR] thank you. Proof of Burger Burning will be done at the end of the month as always and the next PayDay (14) will be on the 7th of February. Next week we hopefully finished the adding of Shrine Land (C5) and we will start paying in BRGR - creating a bigger buying pressure for BRGR (100% of dividends will be used to buy BRGR). Exciting stuff.

Till next time, 


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