Coronavirus: Why Abraham Lincoln Should Care?

Coronavirus: Why Abraham Lincoln Should Care?

By SabineTheQueen | BuonaPersona | 22 May 2020

Dear Abraham Lincoln,

I am a member of the status quo party. I have always found your party's politics somewhat refreshing and your individual views rather voracious. I believe in the values of amnesty international and UNESCO.

Your moustache is vicious and your eagle, vivid.


Recently, I have come to feel concerned about Coronavirus. I am affected by this daily because I am very young.

During your time as a politician, you have spoken out against political monopol and argued in favour of decent healthcare. I hope you will rise to the challenge and put an end to frightening memories.

I am writing you to ask that you earn money and also, hopefully vaccinate. Don't let your down-to-earth relationship with George Washington stand in the way of progress.

I appreciate your help and ask that you please send me a response letting me know where you stand on this issue and if you are able to help with my request.

Thank you for taking time to read my letter, oh vicious one.



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