How Harvest.Finance Delivers Profits For Its Users

How Harvest.Finance Delivers Profits For Its Users

By Adamic0 | BullSquad | 22 Feb 2021

Harvest has become the largest DeFi aggregator with $720M+ in total value locked (TVL), far surpassing Yearn – the pioneer of yield-aggregator platforms. Harvest launched in just September 2020 and is aggressively adding new strategies (nearly 50 now) while delivering the highest yielding profits to its users ever since.

In light of Harvest’s success, I was curious to know how the community felt. So I asked several Harvest users who went through its ups and downs to give a review on the platform.

Here’s what they had to say:

Review from: Major Boobage


In this review, the user highlighted Harvest’s mission to make DeFi accessible and affordable to all and emphasized how easy it was to gain exposure to yield with APYs that were generally very high. He also loves the auto-compounding nature of the Profit Sharing Pool which helped to increase his stack dramatically. 

Review from: Vapur


In this review, the user fell in love with Harvest for its gas-saving automation, stating “I could just deposit my stablecoins there and FARM would automatically deploy it to the latest profitable FARM at any time.”

He also loves Harvest’s Profit Sharing Pool, stating that its buyback-and-distribution model through the Profit Sharing Pool is a “passive income machine” and performs even better during $FARM price dumps as it just means you get a higher APY %.

Review from: farmerjon


In this review, the user also praised the Profit Sharing Pool, stating that it’s by far his favorite: 

“If $FARM price goes up, I get capital appreciation. If $FARM price goes down, buy-backs become relatively cheaper and I get higher APY. WIN-WIN.”

He also highlighted that he’s stayed with Harvest from the beginning, despite the exploit and subsequent 82% price drop in $FARM, due to its strong tokenomics and dedicated core team.

Review from: holdhorses


In this review, the user proclaimed that for him, the biggest value Harvest has is its community, stating: “I liken the Harvest Discord to being the Reddit of DeFi.”

He also praised Harvest’s core team and how they’re quick to react to new developments and push the platform forward.

Users Preach the Team 

Despite the dev team being anon, Harvest seems to have a strong following of loyal believers/users.

Even when Harvest suffered from a $31.4M exploit and the price of $FARM crashed 82% from $338 to $89, Harvest’s users kept around and raised up from the ashes. 

Harvest user “farmerjon” had this to say about the team:

“As for the core team, I have nothing but praise. They are builders first, hype last. Which other team in crypto can:”

  • “Come back from an exploit that wiped out 82% of the token price”
  • “Interacts and takes feedback from their users in discord on a regular basis”
  • “Is obsessed with creating value for $FARM holders”
  • “Can rally so many community builders despite being anonymous”
  • “Build and ship at the speed of light.”

Another user “holdhorses” praised Harvest’s Discord and how the team and community interact with one another by discussing new ideas and brand new projects which often leads to new partnerships and integrations that are mutually beneficial. 

While he didn’t state this specifically, I’m almost certain this user was thinking of Harvest’s #Council-of-69 Discord channel which serves as a little-known VC Fund where chads discuss investment opportunities that the Harvest Cooperative can make to foster the Harvest Finance treasury and expand/influence opportunities. 

All in all, it’s clear to me that one of Harvest’s strong suits is its incredibly talented, humble, and dedicated core team. Every review I received had praise for the team in one way or another and you can see their dedication firsthand by joining the Harvest Discord.

Beloved $FARM Profit Sharing Model


$FARM Profit Sharing Pool

Despite Harvest having so many high-yielding strategies available, basically, every farm holder seems to be a part of the Profit Sharing Pool which provides them with approx 55% APY and is a bet on the growth of the platform in general.

Every Harvest review I read has mentions of the Profit Sharing Pool – a pool where humble farmers can stake their earned $FARM tokens to receive a portion of 30% of the yield farming revenue earned by all farmers on Harvest Finance, as well as to compound earnings.

Harvest’s Profit Sharing Pool is such an innovative thing, really. It’s actually genius. The tokenomics involved are so strong that it not only earns $FARM stakers passive income but benefits the greater Harvest ecosystem of users and $FARM token holders too.  

Here’s how it does it:

Harvest farmers receive 70% of the revenue generated through Harvest’s high-yielding strategies while the remaining 30% of yield farming revenue is used to buy $FARM tokens directly off the market en masse.

These $FARM tokens are then distributed to users who stake $FARM in the Profit Sharing pool. Currently, $FARM stakers in this pool are earning 56.54% APY with their rewards auto-compounding daily, which maximizes profits beyond belief. 

What’s more?

Even if you don’t stake $FARM in the Profit Sharing Pool, you still benefit from it because the $FARM supply is getting scooped up off the market from the $FARM token buybacks. A reduction in its supply if demand remains the same or increases, it pushes up the price of $FARM. 

$FARM’s tokenomics are truly extraordinary and it’s something every Harvest user acknowledges in their reviews.

“Over the months the auto-compounding nature of the Profit Sharing Pool has been very welcome and helped increase my stack.” – Major Boobage

“The buyback-and-distribute model means that even when $FARM price dumps, it just means you get higher APY in the Profit Sharing Pool. It’s a passive income machine!” – Vapur

“My favorite pool is by far the Profit Sharing Pool. If $FARM price goes up, I get capital appreciation. If $FARM price goes down, buy-backs become relatively cheaper and I get higher APY. WIN-WIN.” – farmerjon

$FARM Remains Undervalued

But what about the fundamentals?

Ohhh boy are they ever good. 

To keep this part short, here’s everything you need to know about Harvest fundamentals:

  • Some of the highest-yielding farm strategies in the industry.
  • Offers more strategies than its competitor Yearn, (50 strategies and counting).
  • The largest DeFi aggregator with $700M+ TVL.
  • Has a Market Cap/TVL ratio of just 0.17 (indicating its severely undervalued).
  • Enables farming at scale with automated gas-efficient strategies.
  • Employs lucrative tokenomics with $FARM buybacks-and-redistribution via the Profit Sharing Pool.
  • Has a loyal and engaging community of humble farmers and investors.
  • Has a dedicated core team of anon developers who put building first and hype last.
  • Features an open VC Fund at Harvest’s #Council-of-69 Discord channel.
  • Has the best chad memes in the crypto industry (yes, memes are still important at this stage of DeFi).

When you add all these things up and compare it to a competitor like Yearn, $FARM seems to be incredibly undervalued still. 

When will the market realize this? 

I think very soon.

Oh and I can’t forget, I want to thank the users who provided their honest reviews on Harvest for me. You guys and gals (humble farmers) helped Harvest get to where its at today and continue to attribute to its success with your humble words of praise.

Cheers guys!




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