Metal Wars - How To Play, Best Units, & Profits

By btcxh | btcxh | 1 Jun 2021

Metal Wars - How To Play, Best Units, & Profits

How To Play:

Metal Wars is extremely easy to play. You simply need a WAX wallet, some units (which you can buy on Atomic Market), and an internet connection.

After you have these things, go to this site and log in. From there, you can either mine or raid with your units.

You need to repair your units with metal (you don't need to do this everytime, but to continue raiding or mining you must do this every 10 raids/mines) and you can craft units with shards (500 to be exact.)

Best Units:

There isn't really a 'best' unit, but wolves are recommended as they are the cheapest and offer a good return. However, this may change in the future. If you'd like to calculate yourself the most profitable unit, go to this spreadsheet I made, make a copy, and add the values (it has instructions on the spreadsheet)


Compared to most projects in the blockchain gaming space, Metal Wars is incredibly profitable. You can sell your shards and metal to the Alcor exchange (decentralized) for a great profit. It's usually about 30 day ROI with these units, assuming you can mine 24/7. Personally, I recommend investing in a few wolves or an ant or two to try out the game if you haven't already, it's pretty easy and profitable (and at the early stages, there are more features being added every week.)

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