YUP.io : Rate Any Website On The EOS Blockchain While Earning YUPX Tokens

By BtcSapiens | btcsapiens | 2 Sep 2020

YUP is an interesting web extension that provides the chance to earn crypto (YUPX) by rating content. The way it opperates is very simple, clicking on extension while you are browsing a website, forum, twitter account or any other site, you will see in real time the user ratings, so you can have an idea of the support for this information from another users.


It is easier to show an example, take a look at how you can rate the Publish0x website :) , below you can see the opnened extension, which automatically detects which website we are browsing, so we can already rate one of the three reactions, in our case, a huge like for the whole Publish0x team.

Note that in addition to a website, you can vote for a particular website section, for example, in the example of Publish0x website you can also rate authors, even independent articles. Another very useful case is tweets, youtube videos and... anything you can think up!


To earn YUPX is not enough just to rate content, your earnings are conditional upon other YUP users validating information you have contributed, that is, when people have same opinion as yourself, by way of a consensus building.

The only disadvantage I see with this formula is that in some cases, majority´s opinion does not fit the reality, so ideal is to use YUP in a responsible way and under the perspective of discernment, contrasting news and opinions.

How to earn $5 YUPX? I´v been researching about this topic and there is not any affiliate link, so the only way to invite other users at YUP.io is through an email invitation. If you want sign up with my referral link contact me on Twitter. I´ll send you an invitation e-mail and we´ll both earn $5 YUPX :)

Thanks for your support, see you at www.btcsapiens.com

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