TOP 3 Benefits of Publish0x Content Creators : Web Hosting, Crypto Rewards and Community Feedback

By BtcSapiens | btcsapiens | 11 May 2019

Publish0x gives us great advantages to content creators, writers, designers, artists, brands, or simply anyone who considers it appropriate to have something relevant to do or say here, we are all welcome, let's see what they are, in my point of view, three of the great advantages of starting to use Publish0x:

1. Web hosting for your creations:


Any content creator needs a space where he can express himself, Publish0x provides a free platform with a minimalist interface, which will be the best showcase to show your skills.

2. Rewards for your original content:


As far as payments are concerned, the fact that Publish0x's tip system takes into account the cryptocurrencies and makes the payment by means of tokens that distributes the platform to the users, is simply perfect, since the transactions are fast and little costly

3. Feedback from an active community:


Publish0x gives users the ability to decide if a material is good or bad, according to the opinion of each person. Users value the original content very positively, if you like what you do and write with passion, you will surely get very good rewards for contributing value to the community.

Remember if you feel a little overwhelmed, focus on creating interesting content or sharing your creations, whatever they may be, if you like it, it's a good sign that you're doing the right thing!

NOTE: This post is a translated adaptation of my article in spanish "Alojamiento, recomensas y feedback, 3 buenas razones para empezar a usar Publish0x"  (4 Apr. 2019)

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