This is not just another e-learning platform. BitDegree or how to improve and certify your tech skills while earning BDG tokens

This is not just another e-learning platform. BitDegree or how to improve and certify your tech skills while earning BDG tokens

By BtcSapiens | btcsapiens | 2 Feb 2020

Hi community, I think it's a great chance to talk about BitDegree, so yesterday I finished a free course for Solidity beginners designed by the "BitDegree Foundation" and I have been fascinated, the method is focused on practice with a gamification perspective that makes it completely addictive, this is not just another e-learning platform.


BitDegree is an e-learning platform focused on new technologies, which include blockchain development and cryptocurrencies in its learning program, where you can take 2 course modalities (free and paid) and you can access them using BTC, ETH and BDG.

BitDegree takes you some advantages over other traditional e-learning platforms, maybe the best-clarifying way to see this difference is to look at the following summary.


Surely, like me, one of the more interesting sections is "Blockchain", for example, i completed the course "Space Doggos - Interactive Learning Solidity Course For Beginners", in which you can get some points, tokens and an official BitDegree certificate.

spacedoggos bitdegree


The courses are segmented in 8 learning areas:

  • Blockchain: Cryptocurrency, Blockchain development
  • Business: Finance, Business strategy, Online business/e-commerce
  • Coding & Programming: Web development, App development, game development, Programming languages, CMS, Interactive learning
  • Data Science: Data Science Analysis, Machine Learning, Database Manipulation
  • Design: Web Design, Game Design, App Design, Graphic Design
  • IT Security & Software: Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking, Information Security, Software
  • Marketing: Writing, Digital Marketing, Social Media, SEO
  • Personal Development: Productivity, Public Speaking


In my opinion, this learning model is great, the tasks are short and the rewards are obtained step by step as you complete the course. Proposals such as these can help curb school failure in some countries that have outdated education systems.

Below you can read some reviews from students who have already used the platform and with whom I totally agree:


If you want to read deeply about BitDegree vision I suggest reading the whitepaper or simply get started and explore the complete learning program.

Thanks for your support, see you at




Blockchain for beginners. Platforms, resources and useful tools (ENG/ESP)

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