Next stop? BULVRD Drive, the #BestDApp to earn tokens reporting and tracking roads

By BtcSapiens | btcsapiens | 19 Dec 2019

1. Introduction

Few years ago it was really difficult to find dApps in people's daily life but, today we can say with total certainty that decentralized applications are among us, and stronger today. An"uninitiated" in the crypto ecosystem maybe not even know that are using a dAPP or an application on the smartphone, which verifies that dAPPs and traditional apps are equally easy to use because whole "magic" of dAPPS child occurs behind the scenes and is invisible to the eyes.


2. Inside a dApp

To connect with a dAPP its usually necessary to install it on your computer or mobile device, although there are also several dAPPs accessible through the web. Basically, a dAPP (decentralized application) is an application that works without central servers and is capable of self-sufficiency because all users serve as central nodes.

Today I want to show you how works a really fantastic dAPP, BULVRD Drive, which I use regularly when I drive from my home to coworking where I work. Before delving into BULVRD Drive, I would like to briefly explain what differentiates decentralized applications from centralized ones.

dApps and traditional apps, as we said before, visually are not so different from each other, but data processing and the inclusion of smart contracts and blockchain technology in dApps make them more transparent, secure and, above all, more truthful and useful for final user.

3. BULVRDapp

I love BULVRDapp, if you are a regular driver I think you will like it too, since it has excellent 3D maps and a large crypto community made up of drivers who can earn BULVRD for every mile they drive and report incidents. If you knew the app "Waze", from "BulvrDapp" we can say that it is very similar.


GPS works really well, Bulvrdapp indicates that it has an acurracy of 1-3 meters, personally, I have used other traditional platforms such as Google Maps and after knowing and starting to use BULVRDAPP I do not use them, precisely because the Google Maps GPS is really bad (I thought it was my smartphone's problem) but with BULVRDAPP this problem does not occur to me, so it is possible that simply the bulvrdapp GPS works better on all devices, the ideal is to test it same.

univ blvd

It's time to start earning some BULVRD, of course, keep your attention on the road!!

First you should know is that BULVRDapp works in the background, so it is completely safe to earn some tokens while driving without getting confused. For every mile traveled you will be rewarded with some tokens, although I do not know the exact figure according to my experience using this dApp I earn 2 tokens for each mile.

In addition, you can earn BULVRD tokens by reporting some options in terms of traffic (constructions, slow traffic, police, speed cameras...), so that every time another user verifies that what you have reported you will earn tokens (0.2 per each useful report). We can say that the verification process is similar to the mining process, although in this case, both, verifier and verified one receive tokens.


BULVRD token is compatible with ERC-20 and will have multiple functions, such as locating companies on the map or buying premium features to access better maps or acquire cryptocollectibles.

Below you can see some of the premium features:

  • BULVRD IQ: Melding GPS, Camera Vision, and Machine Learning.
  • BULVRD Ultra: It is the monthly subscription to have some special features, its price is 1250 monthly tokens.
  • BLVD HODLr: Allows automatic unlocking of some of these features by keeping your coins in your wallet.
  • BULVRD Events: You can organize your own routes and share them with your friends.
  • BULVRD Hub: You can link some external tools and dapps such as Metamask, 0x, OpenSea, Coinbase and Wyre.
  • BULVRD Local (Gives businesses and brands a new hyper local focused path to spreading awareness).


Another key-point project are the integrations with other tools that improve the user experience, below you can see some of these developments:

  • 0xEarth Support: Will provide backing to our BULVRD Local advertising platform.
  • Spotify integration: Integrates directly with Spotify for easy control and visuals of your music.
  • Advance GPS: Patent pending GPS / GNSS algorithms to provide lane level location accuracy.


4. Conclussion

In my view it is a very complete dApp, it meets the requirement of being useful for a community and also provides value to traditional driving browsers. So far the benefits are limited but I have used it almost every day for a few weeks and it has always worked correctly.

I think it's great that all drivers can contribute to each other by having first-hand information about what is happening on nearby roads. On the other hand BULVRDapp is ideal to save some fuel on long trips, especially in countries where gasoline is expensive and some cents saved can be good news.

My strategy is to keep (HODL) tokens, I currently have +200, if you prefer to withdraw the tokens you can do it once you reach 750 tokens directly to your ERC20 wallet. If you want to expand the information visit BULVRD website and whitepapper.


Thanks for your support ;)

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