Generate a unique monkey avatar with MonKeyGen from your $BANANO public key

By BtcSapiens | btcsapiens | 22 May 2019

Hi Publish0x community, today I write about a novelty of $ BANANO Did you know that it is already possible to change the avatar of your wallet or purse of Banano? A monKey is a unique avatar that identifies a particular Banano public key from any other.

Each monKey has a combination that makes it unique and different from all others, whether by one, several or many details, the combinations are almost endless, there will always be variations, such as a special hat, a type of pipe, or a t-shirt molona, ​​among many others.

How to generate my avatar?

All you have to do is access, enter a Banana wallet and click the "Generate MonKey" button. The format of the image can be saved in both .SVG and .PNG.

Below you can see a screenshot of how it works, you just have to follow the steps. Remember that in addition to the accessories you can change the background of the image where your avatar will appear.


You are not creating anything, simply what you are doing is to generate monkeys randomly until you find the one that most defines what you are looking for. One of the advantages of using these identifiers in your $ BANANO wallets is that it can be a good idea to prevent the loss of money, thus avoiding typographical errors in one or more characters of the chain by confusing the wallet or am I the only one clueless?

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This is a translated adaptation of my post in Spanish "Genera un avatar de mono único con MonkeyGen a partir de tu clave pública de Banano" (2 Apr 2019)

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