Cloudbet, an excellent way to win (and of course, lose) your bitcoins with betting sports

Cloudbet, an excellent way to win (and of course, lose) your bitcoins with betting sports

By BtcSapiens | btcsapiens | 2 Jul 2019

Sports betting has grown exponentially in recent years, especially with the appearance of online platforms dedicated to them. Many of these platforms allow us to place our bets through BTC.

CloudBet is one of the largest sports betting houses where you can earn bitcoins by predicting results. From its platform we can bet from small to large amounts of BTC in football, basketball, tennis, handball, indoor soccer, boxing, MMA, volleyball, hockey, ping-pong, darts, golf and a lot of sports, until reaching 20 different.


The first step to start using CloudBet is to sign up, it's completely free and once you highlight the first deposit to start your bets, you will have a 100% deposit bonus (that is, they give you the same amount you deposit for the first time, although it is necessary to make several ante bets before getting the bonus). It should be noted that Cloudbet works with users from all over the world, no matter what region they are in.


From this tab we will have access to all available games that have not yet started.

Live sports

Here we can make bets live.


Different games appear for example poker (from BTC Sapiens we have not tried this section, since in principle we are only interested in sports betting)

Live casino

Same as above but live


Although CloudBet is a great site and one of my favurites gambling sites, I would like to notify of something important, CloudBet and gambling is not to people who are not able to control their actions, if you are an impulsive person you can lose a lot of money, because what is a game, for many it is not, so this post is aimed at people who have made some bets and know that it is not something addictive for them.

CloudBet is one of the veterans in the world of bitcoin, personally I know of several years ago and although I did not bet much, sometimes I tried to get some extra money having fun while watching football with my friends.

My friends bet on traditional betting houses (FIAT, for its acronym in English), and tell me that CloudBet shares are often higher than where they participate. Personally I like CloudBet because it has many sports and whenever he has wanted to bet on the games of my favorite football and basketball teams.

As a result, I can say that it is a good way to earn some extra money, but BE CAREFUL! If you're not willing to lose the money you bet, forget what I said and better away from anything that looks like a lottery, because that's it, a lottery.

Sign up in CloudBet (WELCOME BONUS 100% your first deposit up 5 BTC)

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