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By BtcSapiens | btcsapiens | 11 Jul 2019


Hi Publish0x, today's post is a summary about my experience in the crypto world, from my beginnings until today, i think it will help you to get to know me a little better. First of all, I give you an image of the percentage of the main cryptos in my portfolio.


I started get interested about Bitcoin in 2014, but it took me almost a year to acquire my first BTC fraction, when its value was around $400, I remember that my friends and my family saw me as crazy, in those days I only had one very faithful follower, my mother! who sometimes listened to me speak with such enthusiasm that even she was convinced that cryptocurrencies could be a great idea ꐕ

Bitcoin (BTC)

My horrible experience buying bitcoin for the first time, although we learn because of such facts.

Current Porfolio BTC Domminance = 66%


Of course, Bitcoin (BTC), was the first currency that I acquired in 2015 and the experience is not as pretty as you imagine. 4 years ago I did not know much about bitcoin and I did not know anyone who was interested in the subject.

I was the only one interested in buying and I was alone! I went down a few months whether to buy or not, and above all, how could I do it? Coincidentally, I had a small store where I sold some items through an Internet platform, and on that same platform I found a bitcoin vendor.


WOW! Everything I had was looking for was there, so I did not think twice and I started talking to him, eager to make the long-awaited exchange, everything was going great, I thought I knew what I was doing because although I did not know thoroughly bitcoin, I had some notions, but everything was fine until ...


... I was scammed! I lost 0.50 BTC, which then was not much money, about 300 euros that I had been saving from the profits of my small store. A bad experience but which served me, evidently, nothing similar has ever happened to me again.

In any case, I did not give up my attempts to get my first fraction of bitcoin, so I kept trying to buy, until I found a legitimate seller, which I bought (in different times, I did not want the same thing to happen to me). first buyer). On the other hand, I also started accepting BTC in my online store, and although almost nobody bought using BTC, during that year there were 4 or 5 purchases that helped me increase the amount.

Other ways in which I have obtained some fractions of bitcoin have been accepting BTC in my online store: In several second-hand buying and selling apps I have allowed some buyers to pay me using bitcoin during these years, without a doubt it has been a success.

I live in Spain, and the content in my language about bitcoin was very scarce, so little by little I was learning (and of course, I'm still learning, this world is endless) but I decided to share my experience and created a small blog in Spanish that I decided to call and that I still have, in the talk about blockchain and platforms related to the crypto ecosystem.

Ethereum  (ETH)

An excellent initial investment and some intermittent purchases

Current Portfolio ETH Dominance = 13%


Ethereum was the third currency I bought, after bitcoin and litecoin, although it ranks second in my portfolio. I remember that my first Ethereum cost me about 20 euros. Does anyone have a time machine? In this case everything was easier since the purchase was made with a friend who already had previous experience using the Ethereum network.

When I discovered how it worked I was impressed, and without a doubt it was my starting point to deepen my learning about the blockchain, it made me see the possibilities of decentralized applications and since then I knew that being a good investment

Litecoin  (LTC)

My second crypto purchase, a great investment

Current Portfolio LTC Dominance = 3%


Shortly after acquiring my first fraction of bitcoin I bought some litecoin coins, it was the second coin that I bought when it had a value of € 3.81, I bought some and today I still have more than half of the coins I acquired: )

I remember when I made the first transaction of LTC I was amazed by the speed, and without hesitation I bought some more than I had thought although of course, at that time I was a student and my parents still saw me as crazy.

Monero (XMR)

It's great to mine cryptocurrencies when their value is low and then ... rises like foam

Current Portfolio XMR Dominance = 2%


The way I got my first monero was mining with my computer, the value of 1 XMR was less than 1 dollar, so I could get several, although I had many more, which unfortunately I also had a bad experience in this case, since the platform where moneo was mined, overnight went with all the coins, in my case I lost 10 XMR that today ... it would be nice to have them but they were lost.

I hope my experience mining Monero is repeated with other currencies, which today are worth very little money but I hope they grow, like the faucets is a good way to earn cryptos, forget and at the same time surprise you pleasantly.

Aragon (ANT)

A personal bad investment in a great project

Current Portfolio ANT Dominance = 3%



I like Aragon, is another of the currencies that I am currently maintaining in my portfolio, it is a dapp created by Spanish programmers that allows decentralized autonomous organizations to be created, Aragon software allows to analyze and improve accounting and I think it will be the first option in voting systems of many companies and organizations.

As an investment, my experience with AXT has been bad, although it is one of those currencies that I refuse to sell.

Decentraland (MANA)

Another project that I love, and a good investment

Current Portfolio MANA Dominance = 5%


A couple of years ago I got to know the Decentraland project, and MANA, the token used in the world of Decentraland. If you know the project I recommend you take a look, it is a decentralized virtual world where the rules are put by the users themselves, forming communities and creating Decentraland among all.

I thought it was an incredible project and so far I keep some tokens from Decentraland, hoping that a future will increase its value, but above all because I like the project and I do not want to get rid of a token that I think can revolutionize the virtual reality market thanks to the blockchain, I liked it and I still like it.

Other cryptos

➤ Bounty0x, Hydro and DAI

Holding Hydro and Bounty0x while exchanging DAI by ETH

Current Portfolio BNT, HYDRO and DAI Dominance = 1-2%


Other currencies that I have in my portfolio are the tokens that I have won in Publish0x sincerely when I first met Publish0x I only knew BNTY, since I knew the Bounty0x platform. The other two tones I met when they were integrated to make tips in Publish0x. Since then I am maintaining the three currencies and I hope that soon they become significant values ​​in my portfolio.

¿Why DAI?

The DAI tokens that I get in Publish0x are exchanged for ETH, my strategy is to keep Ethereum, so I buy ETH when its price goes down and of course I never sell! I have only spent some ETH to pay some transactions of ERC20 token but the rest of ETH I keep it.


Therefore, I will continue to maintain Hydro and Bounty0x, and on the other hand, the DAI earnings will be exchanged for ETH, which, like BTC, are two currencies that I will always keep in my portfolio.

➤ Dogecoin (DOGE) and Banano (BAN)

Two great coins to HODL and use with friends

Current DOGE and BAN Dominance = 6% + 1%


These two cryptos I have obtained online in some faucets, and also receiving tips, as they are two agile coins, I love them for their speed and because I love memes, in addition the two communities are composed of great people with whom I feel identified. I keep both coins because I'm in love with the memes.


I have used Dogecoin to make some donations, I remember that many websites related to the bitcoin ecosystem have come together when catastrophes have occurred in some areas of the world, where they enabled dogecoin addresses where they could donate bitcoins, dogecoins, ethereums .... personally, when I have donated to these types of causes, most of the time I have used DOGE, I believe that all non-governmental organizations in the world should raise coins like Dogecoin or Banano.


Yes, maybe I'm a Bitcoin FAN, is my favorite cryptocurrency, I've exchanged BTC several times for other altcoins, in the end I decided to have at least 80% of my portfolio in BTC and ETH, and leave 20% for the rest of coins that i consider useful and with good projects behind.

Of course, another of the strategies I follow is to try to win some free coins that I currently consider to be low, to keep them for life ... until I get rich? Well... even if it's not like that, I'll always do what I like and try to share my experience with you, enjoy together in the successes and laugh together in our failures.


Thank you very much for taking the time to read our post! Please express your opinion in the comments, thanks for your support

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