Anonymous Ads (A-ADS) First steps using the crypto alternative to Google Adsense

By BtcSapiens | btcsapiens | 3 Jun 2019

The crypto alternative to Google Adsense has arrived, today I would like to talk about an advertising platform called Anonymous Ads (A-ADS) that allows us to earn bicoins (BTC) by inserting third party ads on our website.

You can filter according to the theme of your website, below you can see all the categories available in A-Ads.


There are two ways to earn bitcoin:

1. Random ad units

In this section you can win in two different ways, directly with the visits you receive to your blog / web, or on the other hand, through the clicks obtained in the banners inserted in your blog / web

2. Individual ads for campaigns

In this section you will get a reference link to insert in your website the ad of your choice.

How to create an Ad Unit?


To choose the ad you want to insert in your website you can filter the content to not allow certain ads (this is especially recommended depending on the ages and tastes of the type of visitor who visits your blog / website.


Once you have filtered the ads you can accept to create an HTML code that you have to insert into your website, similar to most advertising platforms that serve to monetize content.


When you have copied and inserted the code in the part of the website that you want, so simply paste it where you want the visitor to see the advertisement.

How do the ads appear on my blog / web?

the design of the displayed ads is almost identical to those shown by Google Adsense, you can see an example of how ads look on my own website

When can I withdraw the profits obtained?

Once you reach the minimum collection of 100,000 satoshis (0.00100000) you can withdraw the profits to your bitcoin wallet (BTC), there are two ways to do it, manually and automatically, in this last option you must put the amount you want (from 100,000 satoshis), that is, if you prefer to receive your earnings from another amount you can also do so.

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