How to Register as an Affiliate on Hashing Ad Space

By raihan97 | btcmaker24 | 2 Sep 2019

Once you register as an affiliate in Hashing Ad Space, you not only unlock the opportunity to earn referral commissions of 50% on all advertising purchased by your referrals, and 10% on all Asimi minted by your referrals, you will also have access to marketing materials.  This includes banners, lead capture pages, sales pages, and email scripts.  All of this is free of charge, the affiliate fee of $30 is waived.

Log into your Hashing Ad Space account, and go to your Dashboard.  On the left menu, click on the tab Sales Affiliate Centre. 



Then click on Become Affiliate.


There are some very nice benefits in store for those who refer others to Hashing Ad Space.

In addition to what is shown here you can receive 10% commissions on View 2 Earn purchases of advertising and 10% commission on all Asimi earned by your referrals who view ads in V2E.




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