Find out 5 weird facts about Bitcoin

By raihan97 | btcmaker24 | 3 Sep 2019

Bitcoin is a currency that has no end in the interest of people abroad. Many know a lot about this cryptocurrency, keep track of it regularly, many know a few and there are some people who don't even know the point about Bitcoin, just heard. Those who know are also interested in learning more about these coins, which is the real reason, because the currency on one hand is rare, on the other hand, is the most powerful currency in the world.

And bitcoins are very difficult to earn but there are ways to earn. Shahriar Ahmed Bit, a regular writer of Hichai Bangla, wrote a remarkable article on how to earn coins. If you want to earn bitcoins, you can read the article.

There is a lot of strange information about Bitcoin that has existed online most. Today there is the talk of 4 interesting and strange facts about Bitcoin. So, let's find out the weirdest information about Bitcoin.

The creator of Bitcoin is still a mystery today
Researchers are still mysterious about Satoshi Nakamoto who designed Bitcoin. The exact identity of Satoshi is not yet known. Many others were believed to have accompanied him. Among them are Nick, Dorian Nakamoto, Hal Finney, Steven Ride. The smallest bit of bitcoin is called Satoshi. Many Satoshi coins are one bitcoin.

Bitcoin is limited
Do you know how much money in one bitcoin? In 1 bitcoin, Bangladeshi money is equal to Tk 1 lakh. Those who are knowledgeable about information technology may know how much time you have to spend online to get a bitcoin.

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Because of this, Bitcoin mining is very small. So Bitcoin is rare and expensive in the current market. Hackers use it.

The identity of the person who sent/sent the bitcoin is unknown
This is the most remarkable thing about Bitcoin, that if you send someone Bitcoin, you will not know its identity. If you send someone back, Bitcoin's dashboard will not show him as well. And because of this, there is a lot of illogical work in the world, all this happens in the transaction of Bitcoin.

That's why various hackers, cybercriminals make transactions through this Bitcoin. Bitcoin is made through various smuggling.

First pizza purchase at Bitcoin
It is strange to hear that the world's most expensive currency, whose first purchase was to buy a pizza. The first bitcoin exchange between Bitcoin founder Satoshi and Hale in Ha20 was for buying only pizza. That pizza cost $ 20. And they need 3 thousand Bitcoins to buy pizza.

Bitcoin network is stronger than supercomputers
According to experts, the computing power of Bitcoin is 25.5 FFL / sec. Where you can combine 5 supercomputers with only 25 flop / second computing. Then see how much more powerful Bitcoin is. For this reason, Bitcoin mining also requires a strong computer.

A bitcoin transaction is irreversible
Since Bitcoin transactions are linked to illegal activities, sending money to Bitcoin is irreversible. Much like the popular platform PayPal. So once the transaction is done here, it cannot be changed. It happens everywhere. Once a money transaction is done, it is no longer possible to return. We do not have this opportunity to develop our country.

Bitcoin big wallet FBI's
Many would have heard of Silk Road. When the FBI, one of America's best-known intelligence agencies, embarked on a Silk Road closure operation, they seized all illegal shipments. This makes the FBI the most bitcoin holder in the world. A leading magazine called War Magazine has some $ 120 million worth of Bitcoin from the FBI.

Losing Bitcoin Wallet means losing Bitcoin
As you put money in an online bank account, Bitcoin is to be kept in the Bitcoin wallet. Although it is Hailey Secure Storage but once you lose your wallet, you lose Bitcoin for a lifetime.

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