ankr to the moon baby


Shabbat Shalom my Pretties. 
If you were smart enough to read my previous post, you should be 10x in the money. I surely am #MANA to the MOOON baby

disclaimer: Silly is not held responsible for your losses. because silly doesn't have loses.
so If you follow what I say before the cost of everything sky rockets in the bull season, you should not lose. 
if you invest when ANKR is at $.40 a coin, well you can expect to lose. 
silly has spoken. 

im not your average investor,
Im not going to wow you
with bullshit words that require to decrypt. (lmfao) 

im not going to call myself a crypto messiah, because thats fucking RE-f(t)ART-ED.
im going to split you up and open youre mind,
and do the complete opposite of what CNN and Fox News forces us to do. 

So, lets talk about the future.
ANKR, What is it? After Further review, ANKR is a infrastructure, cross-chain staking DeFI platform, that enables anyone who doesn't know big impressive words intellectual people use to deceive the masses, to participate in the blockchain, services. examples 
Node development and API services. In short, your children's children will use DeFi to earn interest and those DeFi platforms are going to use ANKR to do it. 
ANKR is typically used for developing API's through enterprises solutions. 

1) BINANCE - THE GOOGLE of Crypto exchange. 
2) COMPOUND - these protocol currently earning BAT, DAI,ETH,UNI all interest at fucking kick ass levels. (and will continue to increase as, interest and incentive to invest gains momentum
3) CELO - my favorite Crypt-coin (read my last post if you want to catch up with my lingo) 
to all my readers, here comes the good shit. 

MY Future price predictions, 
if you want to see, just how amazing I am at looking into the future. just read my last MANA/ CELO post here: 

ANKR WILL SKYROCKET to from its $.20 (USD) to an amazing $1.50 cents within 2 weeks. 
why? its the cheapest crypt-coin (check my link for the lingo) right now, with the highest potential rate of return. 
I mean mana's going to jump up an easy $3.00 (U.S.D) by the end of its bull run. 

Think of it like this, if you were investing and mined BTC during 2012, you would be the majority owner of this Crypto Market. from my prospective
investing in large stocks is dumb ex: ETH, COMPOUND, MAKER, LTC, (if you're making to look 10x) 

if everyone of my readers were to but $100 USD into ANKR
it would capture the attention of someone who owns a large sum of disposable BTC. 
which means they too will jump on the ANKR bandwagon just to generate/ own a majority of the ANKR crypt-coins.

WHICH is what they did WITH MANA BTW 

it's simple guys, people want money, I want institutional investing for the future, 
MANA, CELO, ANKR is going no where. Absolutely, ill say it again ABSOLUTELY NO WHERE. 
just watch, and while you HODL your ANKR, the late BLOOMERS will throw actual dollars into this beast, as we gain from their blindness at chasing BTC.

Don't be stooooopid, just follow my instruction's
and when I post the next great investment, everyone will be laughing as were gaining, and just shitting on the stump (toilet) eating Cheetos and watching norp gniteab the hell out of our sausage meats lmfao. 


oh don't invest in fooking doogecoin

it has no real value, and anyone putting money into is, may gain from it now, but it doesn't have any protection against inflation. sure put in money now, but you'll be crying when you lose everything because MARK CUBAN DECIDES to transfer all his DOOGE coin into BTC.
last thing
- repeat this loudly-


by the way 



and will end


prepare for the crash, its coming baby.  



peace my pretties, see you on the other side of the moon. 

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BTC a common currency

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