Crypto Farmer update #2 - oh no I hurt their feelings!
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Crypto Farmer update #2 - oh no I hurt their feelings!

By X-51 | Brutal crypto game reviews | 16 Mar 2020

So, it looks like the Crypto Farmer devs are feeling butthurt that I pointed out just how scammy their "game" is! (Missed that one? You can check the original review here, and update #1 here).

I've been slowly (oh so fucking slowly) building up my harvest points using the rare ads that were posted, purely to see just how long it would take to get the minimum $10 and prove once and for all if you lose your harvest each time you check out, because this is the kind of shit people NEED to know about going into the game, but which they refuse to tell us.

I seem to remember last time I checked it I was around 385...... Still a long fucking way from the 10k I needed!

Taking into consideration that 200 of those harvest points were from a generous follower here taking one for the team and helping me science the shit out of the game, that means it took approximately 1.5 months for me to earn 185 harvest (let's be really fucking generous and say 195 since it makes for easy numbers). That's about 130 harvest per month, or 1560 per year.

For me to earn the 10k harvest minimum withdrawal requirement would have taken me over 6 years!! Fuck me in the eyeball that is a long damn time. All just to check out $10!

But today I went to log in and got the completely fucking useless error message "Incorrect data entered".

So I then tried to reset my password and guess what? "We can't find a user with that e-mail address".







Fuck. Hilarious.

Now, before anyone tries to defend them with a "maybe you were inactive" or something - I definitely wasn't. I had played at least 3 times in the week leading up to this!

So there you go - yet more proof of the scam-factor these shits are dealing in.

They can't even respond to a critical analysis of their shit like adults would, and instead quietly drop user accounts in a "we can't handle someone saying bad words about us" childish tantrum because I called them out on their shit.

As much as I hated this scam, primarily because it was going to be a mostly positive review until I started the research phase, I was really hoping to inform everyone about that last piece of the puzzle. But I guess I can put this one behind me now anyway, it is out of my hands, and no fucking way am I starting again just to try to find it out!


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Brutal crypto game reviews
Brutal crypto game reviews

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