Hodlnaut's Season of Giving Campaign -- $40 Free in BTC/ETH Deposit Bonus, $50 Referral, and 7.5% Interest on BTC & ETH / 12% on Stable Coins

Hodlnaut, a CEFI platform based in Singapore which is growing exponentially due to its market leading interest rates, is currently offering an attractive promotion for the holidays which presents a great opportunity to begin growing your holdings quicker. Compound interest has been referred to as the 8th wonder of the world, after all. In addition to high rates, Hodlnaut offers free Swaps and one free withdrawal a month.

CEFI's Risk-Return Tradeoff

Many of us rely on CEFI to increase our holdings, as it forces us to DCA into our positions. Like any investment, CEFI comes with a risk/reward tradeoff that must be evaluated, i.e. considering whether the interest payments justify the risk. With rates dropping across the major platforms, this question comes more into focus. Celsius Network, for example, has lowered the tier for earning the maximum rate in Bitcoin twice recently, from 2BTC to .25BTC, paying just 3.05% on any BTC holdings above .25. Gemini's 1.49% suddenly doesn't seem too bad as it's seen as a safer option. On the other end of the spectrum is Hodlnaut, which pays a (seemingly market-leading for CEFI) 7.2% APR and 7.5% APY (taking compounding into account) on ETH (up to 20 ETH) and BTC (up to 2 BTC), well over double Celsius' BTC rate. Hodlnaut has far less AUM (assets under management) than Celsius, but appears to be growing rapidly.

Hodlnaut's History / AUM

Hodlnaut was launched in 2019 and is growing exponentially. The company, based in Singapore, uses Crowe Singapore, a division of a top 10 global accounting firm, to audit its assets. Crowe attested to $106M in AUM in January of 2021. By April, AUM had more than doubled to $234M, again independently verified by Crowe. While the website now shows $500M, the Hodlnaut team has said AUM is just under $1B now. In comparison, Celsius claims over $26B, Nexo over $13B, and BlockFi between $10-15M in AUM.

Hodlnaut Features

A veritable unicorn in the crypto industry, Hodlnaut offers great customer service. As they are much smaller than their competitors and have far fewer users and a simpler offering, communication with the Hodlnaut team is quick and easy. Hodlnaut is also constantly improving, as you can see by reviewing their press releases. They offer free swaps and recently instituted one free withdrawal per month, which was one of the barriers to entry previously stopping me from trying them. Their coin selection is much smaller though, consisting basically only of BTC, ETH, and stable coins. Hodlnaut also pays a 12% on stablecoins, including USDD, USDT, and Dai.

Season of Giving Campaign - Holiday Airdrop 2.0

New users will receive $20 in-kind in addition to their referral bonus for a deposit over $500 an additional $20 for a further deposit of $1,000 (or $40 for one deposit over $1,500).

Season of Giving Campaign - Holiday User Referral Program

During the holiday campaign, users will earn $50 for the first referral and $20 for each referral thereafter (although it appears this bonus will be limited to the first 1,000 referrers. 

Season of Giving Campaign - Hodlnaut Holiday Surprise

"The third program will soon be revealed, so do keep a lookout for announcements by joining our Telegram Group! Till then, what’re your guesses?"


Hodlnaut is an up and coming CEFI option which look more attractive by the day, both due to their improvements and falling rates at their competitors. Holders of BTC and ETH should seriously consider taking advantage of this holiday offer. Even without the various bonuses, Hodlnaut's high rates seem to give it a much better risk-return ratio than its competitors, at least for larger amounts of BTC.

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