Algorand Governance - Multiply Your Staking Rewards by Becoming a Governor

The Algorand Foundation is offering Algo holders an exciting an exciting opportunity to participate in governance decisions and thereby multiply their rewards rate. Algorand-holders can now register as governors and have until 10/15 to do so. The rewards from governance should be at least as good as the staking rewards--which will still be earned as the Algo is still held in your wallet--effectively at least doubling your rate of return. The rate could go up much further from there.

The links below contain an instructional video for how to become a governor using several wallets (it's a surprisingly simple process) as well answers to frequently asked questions about governance.

Basically, you connect your wallet (any wallet which includes a notes field is possible) to the dashboard and commit a certain number of Algo to the quarterly governance cycle, which you can recycle to the next cycle. You then have to participate in governance--periodic votes on economic and policy decisions--but have the option to simply vote with the foundation. At the end of the cycle, you can claim your rewards. There is no minimum and no KYC necessary.

So take advantage of this opportunity to participate in the future of crypto and grow your stack! Become a Governor.


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