The Dirty Little Secrets Of HEX and Pulsechain
HEX Pulsecahain Sacrifice

The Dirty Little Secrets Of HEX and Pulsechain

While doing our usual research routine for new topics to cover on our Brokenomix YouTube channel, a random coin caught our attention.

A coin performing extremely well while the entire market is suffering from very bearish momentum. Contrary to HEX, most other coins are in red.


HEX Price Chart

We wanted to know, maybe you do too? Watch it here.

So we dived deep into all types of resources to understand HEX and I can tell you.. it was a hell of a ride!

What exactly is behind HEX recent surge?

Well…we found out that a new coin (Pulsechain – a fork of Ethereum) is being launched by the founder for which you can “sacrifice” HEX…interesting!

But that is not all! There’s a lot of controversary around the HEX token.

It has a cult-like following, but also a lot of critics at the same time. Often resulting in fractious situations.

At the core, HEX promises to be a blockchain version of what in the banking world is known as Certificate Of Deposit. It often compares itself to bitcoin with bold claims that it is better. this just what HEX is?

Find out our opinions on HEX in our latest YouTube video... And if you like a bit of entertainment, you won't regret watching it ;)

Plus, let us know in the comments what your thoughts are.



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