The Next Big Crypto Match ups!
BTC vs ETH Matchup old school top 3 new matchups poised for greater Mark Cap Share

The Next Big Crypto Match ups!


No need anymore with BTC heading below 60% Market Dominance and ETH "Flat-lining" at under 10% Market cap Share.

It's crypto "old school' posturing these days, picking sides that is, for the above two.

The Crypto Market has changed, BIG TIME.

First, we can all agree the Top 40 MarketCap listings is more "Value Diverse" in 2020 than it was in 2019.  

That is to say, cryptos of different flavours are delivering more and more useful consumer and corporate value  across many different market segments,  outside of these two early dominant Market Segments with ETH directly making up 9.7% at the time of this post. (really no change for the last year or so..) and, with BTC hovering just under 62% at the moment in a world of over 7628 crypto currencies per CoinGecko around this time. The market momentum has clearly shifted to new, some would argue more interesting match ups.

OK, before we dive into a summary analysis of the up and coming  "top 3" match ups, per the post graphic,  investors will want to watch (of similarly capable opponents),let's first look at the ETH Ecosystem vs the BTC and by default their UTX0 "Hard Fork" Blockchain Cousins.

IMO as both an investor and deep tech research and developer in the energy space, it's a draw "No Decision" based on 'crap' execution over the past 2 years by both camps, especially given with BTC fork crowd currently veering off in their own direction. 

Ok, I admit it, I am a commercial hard ass "old school" developer, and am experienced handling big assignments and equally hard deadlines and tight budgets, there is nothing wrong with that and the similar "evaluation lens" I use when looking at the crypto projects out there, before I spend a dime on development in that space.  Both camps blew it the last two years in this regard and set my own energy settlement development project back 1 year.

Now I am looking elsewhere. 

And yes IOTA is taking their time getting to  "#IoT centric Smart Contracts", another 'bee in my bonnet', but now I digress.

Zachary Kanin Cartoon

BTC vs. ETH.. Battle of the Crypto Giants No more...

Next up: Ripple XRP vs Cardano ADA?

What used to be the big debate item in crypto,  BTC versus ETH and co,, has changed dramatically with the introduction of inter-chain tech mainly aimed at the ETH ERC20 crowd has changed into a more complex relationship of competing inter-dependencies, which actually makes the Crypto Market stronger , not weaker.

BTC Maximalists hate THE ABOVE view of the world. So be it. Get over it.

BTC "Monotheism"  AS THE ONLY WORLD CRYPTO MONEY SUPPLY aint going to happen, imo, because,

the rest of the crypto  development world combined has a MUCH BIGGER COMMUNITY BRAIN!

So What if BTC and ETH decline as a percent of the market, more rapidly than the rise of other alt coins and tokens offering better value, like CARDANO #ADA generally  or for example  #DASH, #ZCASH, #MONERO  in the fast settlement segment of the market with better privacy?

Is this is a loss, BTC and ETH Market Cap share shrinkage?

No way.


Because there so much Fiat world money supply to sop up into crypto, for such a long time, there is more than enough NEW World_Crypto_Money_Supply share to go around to players that truly deliver value and deserve to be trusted as the new keepers of the distributed world crypto money supply, for many years to come.

new Crypto Matchups Ready to Rumble Rocke'em Sock'em Style

The New Contenders or Investor Focus:

TK's Top Three TK Match ups to follow closely.

The Top Emerging Match up at:

Pentration Testing for Security Cert. Less cost and easier for White Box Solutions

#1  Ripple vs Cardano: Centrally Controlled Private Enterprise Black Box  VS  Community Driven White Box 

Ripple  aka #XRP. Ripple XRP and their team focused on the Enterprise and, have indeed won a few big private enterprise settlement deals, Moneygram arguably being the biggest to date.

That said, the Cardano  ADA well organized development and partner Community dwarfs the largely Ripple owned and "blackbox" funded R&D proprietary code development  team.

History has proven a well organized Community Open Source effort staffed with both Private (often very large corporations) Enterprise development resources assigned to park at the edge of and assist the project, combined with the brainy academia enthused, research focused, architecture, design and development resources will win that "Blackbox Closed vs. Whitebox Open" battle, in time, IMO. How long it takes is really up to how quickly the market adopts the latter versus the former.

Also, it's a hell of a lot easier and cheaper and faster,  to security certify a WhiteBox solution with objective 3rd party security testing and certification.

Next Matchup at:

Maybe... Maybe they go elsewhere for a pay cheque and better software tools...

Maybe..., in the case of EOS...

#2 EOS vs TEZOS: A C++ Community  "Build it and they will Come" Gambit  VS  "A Self-amending Cryptographic Ledger"

These two 'opponents' are travelling in opposite directions, EOS is sliding down the Market Cap Rank table while #TEZOS is executing on their plan somewhat better and rising up the same chart.

Personally I have no coin holding interests in either.

I don't believe EOS can  afford to keep development resources largely focused on mainly servicing the C++/C# crowd (the original value prop).

EOS will likely need to embrace both Go and Rust development languages, where the latter is an easier transition for C++ developers.

There is much familiarity in the language "typing" and taxonomies between C++ and Rust.

Auto Garbage collection for C++ to avoid mis-use of memory allocation is a Quality must have these days in software development, Rust gets rid of that nasty c++ problem of malloc mis-use (and memory leaks that crash the systems 2 months later, because some developer 'forgot' to release memory reserves, which keep piling up every time some seldom used "loop' is run with the dreaded malloc statement  asking for more memory but never relinquishing it.) .

The fact, like Go, concurrency is built in to Rust (and not C++) and C++ developers can also get garbage collection and Concurrency features in the Java look alike extension language called Kotlin (Many C++ programmers in the declarative space find building Java a full blown declarative language an easy transition and often do both concurrently), which means the EOS developer can  EASILY look elsewhere  to ensure paid employment without the headaches of C++ and the less than wonderful headlines EOS has been getting lately.

TEZOS on the other hand, is a rising "MarketCap" star, climbing through the ranks  to Number #14 powered by ever sharper investor interest able to discern the differences. Heck Tezos even opted for Gitlab versus Github(mirrored).  I am still getting familiar with TEZOS, the amendable ledger tech and their smart contract offer, which is under the firms' consideration to whom I consult, as a possible "Backoffice" Private Sidechain  SC alternative to CARDANO which right now is the front runner. We will know more in the next 6 months and, be better educated in that respect, before we make a selection which can dovetail into our IoT work in the DER Distributed Energy Resource space, aimed to be created in 1Q 2021,   where the latter software architecture component is squarely settled on #IOTA for that part dovetailing into Operational centric Smart Contract tech they are working on. 

That said, I think the EOS camp is financially well backed, has smart guys led by Dan Larimer (Bitshares early success) and can imo, pivot and tune their development kit and support offer into the Rust and maybe Go camps, if they decide to do so. The next 6 months will be for my firm personally,  VERY interesting as we watch what EOS does.

As an investor though, my 'spidey investor sense' is likely in favour of TEZOS MarketCap rising faster in the short and medium term with better gains (vs EOS).

Don't count EOS out though in the long term, their pockets are deep and the teams both marketing and development, are indeed brainy, young and competitive with high energy levels.

And yes we have considered Hyperledger Smart Contracts in all our  internal research and, passed.


STELLAR: A Dark Horse? Possibly making a three-way race of Match up #2 , back into the Top 10, soon?

One Other Honourable Mention is indeed #Stellar #13, which could make it a three way race with EOS and TEZOS (and I hope they do), however I think the community and dollar backing is overall less than the other two, even though Stellar at #13 is slightly ahead of TEZOS, as well as their tech  and community execution imo is  somewhat lagging. I invite any one reading this post to challenge me on that one and change my mind with logical argument. I am happy to share my view on current Stellar details in both regards. ;)


The Final Match up,

Internetworking in main stream tech is not so easy, Progress is Infantile in the Crypto world and mainly ERC20 based

Many Blockchains, All need Inter-Networking Settlement

#3 Chainlink VS  COSMOS : Battle of the Inter-Blockchain Routing Entrants.

Here you have China vs. the USA (Boston Area) on a collision course for Main St. Market Share leadership of Inter-chain Routing both primarily focused on supporting the ETH ERC 20 standard,where the former #CHAINLINK is likely benefiting from an 'engineered' China investor backed Pump in MarketCap valuation, where as #COSMOS has a smaller "US et al" backed Pump of their own MarketCap.

This Market Segment is VERY EARLY DAYS.

There is still ample time for others to either feature their existing oracles to do same and /or other pure "Inter-Blockchain" router new entrants to come in and add support for emerging popular chains like CARDANO for instance and become truly Multi-Blockchain Capable.

This segment has the potential to be huge for  five or six focused players over the next two to three years, so will definitely be hotly contested making for a wild volatile ride in the market cap valuations of all the players.(Investors beware and, be ever vigilant)


All those Hard Forks and no where to connect?

LiteCoin, BCash and Similar BTC Hard Forks: Do we care?

For sure we do,  provided all these BTC Forked plays continue to add value using UXT0 ledger tech to interconnect via Inter-Ledger Routing is definitely in the cards.

Will they all "get on the same page" and truly create a universal protocol to do this? I hope so.

That said the 'larger than life personalities" of these "Forked" camps and the somewhat cool relations between them is for me, as an investor, a turn off.

Time does age and mature the players and the tech though, so I am hopeful 2021 will be a better year of co-operation in this regard.

The more inter-connected (with fast settlement)  the merrier in the BTC Fork camp, with multiple BTC Fork oracles bridged into  ETH via ERC even better. (Through both of Chainlink and Cosmos to start). 


Revenge of the Nerds circa 1984 starting in disblief as most do looking at BAT and IOTA

Two Special "Nerd Alert" Value Cases:  #35 BAT and #25 IOTA

Both are a tackling very hard problems, Brave co. with #BAT are taking google ADs head on, #IOTA is going places no Crypto Blockchain play has ever gone before...Industry 4.0 and the Machine Economy. KUDOS to both for having the brains and the 'gnads' to go out and do it.

Both are very brainy camps, the Brave camp and BAT have been truly innovative in the way they have gone after the Permissioned AD space. IOTA on the other hand may have stayed in Science Experiment mode to long for some people. That said they cracked a couple of really hard problems in getting under powered devices to effectively join their permissionless public distributed ledger based on #DAG tech the #TANGLE and, created a flow programming script language and a direct mount machine language for binary FPGAs for a ternary language systems.

Sehr Nerdy!

IOTA has now made, since last October, a hard pivot into Level 2 Smart Contracts at the request of  many of their really large commercial partners, and they are getting there, fast.

Both IOTA and Brave/BAT are poised to have great 2020 year end surges in Market Cap and, deliver production grade performance and value @ scale in 2021. Definitely both deserve a bookmark in your browser worthy of your investor attention.


Anonymity Crypto Solutions, how much transparency should the state get?

Anonymity Gang: #Monero #17 , #Zcash #29 , #DASH #27 et al: Delivering value, protecting you from "the state"

Enough said here, other than very useful for various above board reasons as, "the state" has no business in the private affairs of companies and individuals on a daily basis. Day to day, biz to the local regime should look like a cone of silence with zero intrusion imo. 

Should the 'state' have audit capabilities and transparency in to select transaction of interest? 

Yes, if there is wrong doing evidence AND, they have a court order placed on those involved.

Otherwise, no blanket access to the entire crypto network solution and no 'snoop' back doors, anonymous or otherwise.

"State involvement' in the affairs of business is an annual tax return issue, imo, so for Peer 2 Peer private transactions, of course, investors deserve protection from the state regime, as not many of them are friendly these days. 

As Such, there will always be a place for these crypto offers in the overall market segment, how big depends on how "nice" the state plays. 

To me, state taxes on business should be earned by the state, based on 'transparent" proof of performance in the "state" serving its people, when it can't do that right, well watch the market cap of these anonymous crypto solutions and other players in the space continue to rise. 

This is why e-voting and state platform and budget spend activity should be on a distributed public permissionless ledger  "blockchain' for all to see, to hold these 'state' regimes accountable to the voters who elected them, hoping they would serve the people.(and not themselves and their masters)



That's all I have this week, Enjoy the weekend!

TK over and out...

PS- Since the CN and generally the AsiaPac geo. offerings  have Market Caps  valued/manipulated somewhat differently (ie- Chainlink in this post) , I will save those listings for a separate blog dedicated to CN & AsiaPac offers.






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Breaking the Small Wind Mold- Darwind5 Circa 2012

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