Shape the Great Reset with a Crypto/Metals Migration? SOVRINTown Local Crypto/Metal Treasury- First Peak
Shaping the Great_Currency_Reset WEC Digital Currency OR Local EVoter Managed SOVRINTown Local Treasury of Cryptos n Metals

Shape the Great Reset with a Crypto/Metals Migration? SOVRINTown Local Crypto/Metal Treasury- First Peak

WEC has the NWO currently re-branded as TGR "The Great Reset." snore. FED is part of it as is China.  

PayPal countered yesterday and now supports use of Bitcoin.  Great opportunist move. Tax mess coming. (The motive/people behind it here)

Result? Bitcoin Price breaches US $13000 yesterday, holding steady today. #BTC Pulls quality cryptos up in price everywhere #ETH included.

Go Figure. ;) 

 <<notice: this is a long requirements/reference post so, if you are busy, scan quick, or read later.. ;) >>

Make no Mistake, the current struggle for control over the form and flows of Money is Truly EPIC.

This is THE BATTLE of our times and, only now the masses are just becoming aware of it.

The window has opened for a real Bottom Up Revolution to control the shape of this Great Reset can be set up in favour of those same masses, if we all take action locally.  

Limits , Do they even matter now  Gary Larsen Classic

Small Investor, Smart Investor, what next now?:

"Cower in the Corner" or, Get out there and help Shape the Great Reset to Crypto & Metals in Favour of the Masses?

For the small investor and local community,  the current situation of 'Great Reset'  turmoil is "Still VERY Early Days",  when:

it comes to mass populous awareness, education and eventual adoption of new forms of Digital Currency.

The 'counter measure' to the WEC led Great REset to Centralized Digital Currency replacing fiat and ushering only a paperless method of exchange  is to  first:

have the local community adopt a local treasury of quality crypto/metals as the new foundations of  LOCAL Money,   

with local Paper Money re-latched to crypto and metals, along with new local  pure metal coinage based  Most likely silver in most locales, so those vending machine and retail/service transactions still function as normal.

Look over Here, while we do this Great Reset Thing...

Nothing to See Here, Move on: It's all about Hunter, the WUFLU... (not)

The Great Reset aka  "The Great Lockdown", currently put in play by the globalist crony capitalists, (pilots of the central banks and federal and state govts) are aiming to remove MOST of your inherent rights and freedoms, as they shift as much wealth as possible into their own 'vests'.

Deception comes in various forms daily, sifting thru it all, to the find the truth and make sense of it all is not easy.

Here is the TK take on what is going on...

THe WEC current Plan of Action (look here it's the WUFLU via the WHO/CD disinformation campaigns)  truly has the WEC Co-curator Thinking architects (wall of shame) they can  easily architect this  "Greatest Theft of All time"  by introducing Digital Currencies under their total control (linked to to the caveat of having VAX ID  certs.) to secure the absolute total control of your buying power, your movement and behaviour. (coming from a University near you.)

Well 'they' got their first shock with the Paypal announcement. (or did they? more chaos?)

As an extra side bar note, let's all agree the The Batman WUFlu is the cover for what is really going on here, The Great Theft.


How to fight back Locally as the Small/Smart Investor to Protect Your Stores of Value:

At the personal level,

it's time for investors to start easing their fiat interests for purchasing via the use of  quality crypto on the back of the PayPal announcement of Bitcoin support. PayPal is not the only choice. Ethereum, LiteCoin LTC, Dash, ZCash, Monero, Cardano have all proven to be useful methods of settlement @ scale for various large and micro-payment use cases.

IMO Any investor looking to protect their store of value and grow their investments smartly will also want an "insurance" mix of metals, silver being one which has the greatest upside in the medium term. See my recent post for more on investing in metals together with crypto. (Yes gold, platinum, rare earth metals, and even humble copper and zinc all have a place in the investor "mix")

At the Local Community level,

the last situation anyone needs is a bankrupt town, city or county, downgraded to BB (Junk level Bonds) , forced to be borrowing at higher rates to pay for public sector projects. (Roads, Sewers, water supply, sewage treatment ,garbage handling/recycling,  the bottomless pit projects of local funding abuse, which see your public service rates and local taxes go up if not managed properly) 

In the fiat systems, our current food/bread basket prices are rising (40% in the last 3 years in Canada) as are daily living costs (gas for driving, monthly heating and power charges), as the rent and housing price bubbles  continue to persist along with record high unemployment levels.

Generally, worldwide, the Federal govt. answer to higher prices is to have their central banks print even more currency and at low interest rates and, in the recent past hand that money to the banks believing the "trickle down effect" will stimulate the Economy. (They got that one wrong)

Recently we have seen some govts shift that printing and flow of newly 'minted' fiat to the consumer in small amounts, while temporarily banning evictions of the unemployed unable to pay their rent, as they try to enforce unsustainable (infant & old people killing) lock downs, using the existence of WUFLU as the excuse (a form of fear porn) while they effect 'The Big Reset'.


Why? Why? Why is this Great Reset happening ? Erosion of your Buying Power, Restriction of Your Movement, What you Say and Do. 

Well I hate to say it but it's large because of our Abject Complacency, Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt, our collective #facediapered reaction to WUFLU , which has become the perfect 'cover' for what is clearly "the Great Theft" of all time. If we continue to behave like  #maskedsheep, we will become their banded, #vaxxedsheep, ready for sheering and, maybe even selective slaughter at anytime. Not good.

The central bank  Digital Currency Reset Roll-out is coming, how fast is anyone's guess.

What is clear to me,  'they' are essentially buying time as the (chromosome 8 deficient) crony capitalists they are, to roll out their central bank controlled Digital Currency Fiat replacement as UBI debit cards issued to all, with the multi-head goal to eliminate paper cash and coinage completely and, in the process, train the masses to expect a "deposit" to their central bank issued UBI debit card monthly (while we all stay confined to our basements in front of our gaming consoles, with our pee bottles nearby. not.)


The good news?  We Can All Make a Difference Now by Stop Being so Personally Complacent and Acquiescent. 

Your actions, at the individual level, will be the difference in re-securing your rights and freedoms,  via a simple regular interaction with your local council member and town council meetings,


you voice the need, loudly, clearly, concisely and often,  for:

a healthy local Treasury, not entirely 'banked' on fiat, a NEW crypto/metals local Treasury,  which includes quality crypto and metals, is the starting point of revitalizing your  local community, is what is really needed to ensure local prosperity, far into the future.


Why a Local SOVRINTown eVoter SC Managed Treasury?

A Local Crypto/Metals Treasury is the future local 'fuel source' needed to secure everyone's freedom and rights. 

Why Now?

Because no one wants their "mill rates", the factor used to calculate  their local  commercial or residential property taxes to rise, especially now.

Being "hit"  with extra taxes and monthly public service charges and utility charges,   is what erodes everyone's buying power.

When a local government is not  effectively in control of their finances and spend, both into the community and, via transfers to the state or province,

expect your buying power to continue to erode as prices go up for public projects and daily/monthly personal spend items. Not good.

So get out there and voice the need for a eVoter Managed Local Crypto/Metals Treasury at your local town council meetings.

Get the ear of your local council reps, create the awareness and educate them on the important of the need to have a properly managed crypto/metal treasury "a la" SOVRINTown Treasury.

Having a NEW local treasury which operates with crypto and metals and supported local Paper and coinage currency is a NEW idea which can be set into play via NEW local bylaws, because no laws exists for such a situation at the state and province level.

SOVRINTown documentation on github will grow in the next month and give you enough information to argue the case for a crypto/metals local treasury which only pays out in crypto according to eVoter approved Smart Contracts as the best way to secure your locale's prosperity well into the future.


Your Mission if you chose to accept it: Get Involved with Local Government for Sound Local Treasury Build, Investment & Hedging.

Get control of your local government. Go to a council meeting, start guiding their actions with a flow of questions, to find out their true motives and whether or not they overtly or covertly follow the WEC & Fiat Digital Currency nonsense of Central Banks.

Fact. 90% of what you do  is local and so are the spend items. The big payouts are monthly, car, rent/mortgage payment , food and clothing. The annual big spend is paying provincial and federal taxes. The exception payments are often health and accident related.

My suggestion? Convert every spend you make,  your mortgage, loans  to be made with local institutions of banking, ie- the credit union in North America, the SPARKasse in Germany, etc. Know who you are banking with, Face to Face. Go in and see the credit union manager, pay your fees and setup the account. Ask them about the use of crypto. That will get the conversation going.

Insist that the town, city, county shift their own banking to the local credit unions. (More than a couple of credit union choices are good)


SOVRINTown Local Treasury eVoter Smart Contract Managed Cryptos  Metals and Local Crypto_Metal backed Paper

Building a Local Crypto/Metals Treasury-  SOVRINTown Treasury Model Goals   

First the Good News- SOVRINTown Treasury has NO Technical Hurdles, just software integration and lots of testing work. (and documentation)

More Good News- SOVRINTown Treasury will be OpenSource and free on GitHub

Even More Good News- Lots of Crypto Currency Types will be Supported by SOVRINTown Treasury, BTC and ETH first, more later.

Really Great News- The SOVRINTown Treasury will support local accounting of silver and gold coinage holding and be able to support through and oracle the issuance of  Local Denominated Paper Notes (ie Calgary Dollars) exchangeable in  Treasury held, local Community Credit Issued silver coins and local SOVRINTown Treasury held, world accepted, quality Cryptos. 


2nd October 2020 IOTA Smart Contract Blog Post Alpha Release

The Absolutely Important News?: The SOVRINTown Treasury will interface and be driven by local eVoter approved Smart Contracts

We have decided to do the first implementation of SOVRINTown on cutting edge DLT Tech from IOTA employing the upcoming SDK from SOCIETY2 to feature most of the SOVRINTown Treasury Capability. The time frame of SOVRINTown Treasury FVR "First Viable Reference" release form is partly dependent on the stability of both IOTA Streams and SOCIETY2 SDK releases and IOTA's Smart Contract release expected in the first half of 2021. The eVoter module has some 3rd party reference points for functionality in the Open Source world (AGORA is not one of them..)  which we will share via Publish0X to get your ideas, feedback, and ultimately your vote on feature priorities, so this component part get's built correctly in the first instance.

So Publish0x Readers have your say, you will make the difference to have SOVRINTown Treasury get's built!


The Paypal Nasy Tax Catch per Forbes Article  23rd October 2020

The Fantastic Unbelievable News!?: The SOVRINTown Treasury only pays Business Tax Receipts to State/Prov. Coffers via Crypto

That's right and,

#Paypal has setup the battlefield capability to do so per this post 1 day ago...

Change the money system bottom up, to locale selected cryptocurrecny forms,  where the local government is in control. Businesses pay their taxes locally in the form of property taxes, even licensing for business operation is collected locally in fiat. #SOVRINTown easily converts these payments into crypto and can also manage the proceeds as part of a balancer in the crypto markets to protect the local storage of value in the local SOVRINTown Treasury where the local credit union is the custodian manager, as the SOVRINTown Treasury is operated by #eVoter approved Smart Contracts.  The State or Province wants their cut from Business taxes and licenses? The Local government is acting as an agent in this regard. Well guess what the  local agent only makes disbursement in crypto according to new bylaws, then the currency type is change to crypto as the only method of payment to the province or state.

When communities through the local municipal government associations adopt this method of payment disbursement , using crypto only to pay the state or provincial government, per the NEW bylaw (because no state/prov. laws exist in this regard, the local bylaws take precedent.

Of course if you don't want to pay capital gains on crypto you can always run your business or personal affairs from these countries


Victoria Canada Virtual Public Hearings

Now for the more Sobering News-  You Must Take Action Locally to get your own Local SOVRINTown Treasury.

you the reader have to get involved, with your local town council, asking simple, direct questions,

Abject Complacency is Not an Option:

               How was my tax dollar spent last year? Which public servant dept. and contractor received what?

               What did I get as services back in return for the spend made by local government?

               What is the current state of finances?  (deficit or surplus)

               Is their a Hedge Position in place to reduce local community risk of higher taxes should the Federal currency lose buying power?

               How many people are employed by the local government and what do they do and how much are they paid, compared to other locales? 

                        If you here Crickets,  you likely have a transparency problem w/ local government.

               How did the local government arrive at municipal local tax rates for property taxes?   

               How does the local government hedge against loss of local govt buying power? (Is BTC and or ETH etc. considered)

                           Again if you here crickets, you have a local fiscal management  problem , which will trigger local taxes to rise.

              Does the local government consider putting the vote on the "Blockchain" for 100% transparency?

              Dos the Local government consider putting Local ID cards (library) on the Blockchain w/ Zero Knowledge Proof

                         ID protection ?  (Privacy)

                         Again if crickets are the response, you have a local privacy of information  problem

               If the response is crickets, take your local council person aside and demand straight answers. If still crickets

                         start campaigning on social media against your local government's lack of transparency and fiscal mismanagement

                         Find a local council person which understands the local government  flaws and wants to do something about it

                  or   Find a new person to run , or Run your self to get the above questions resolved




Taking it up a notch:   Contain State/Provincial and Federal Govt. Involvement & local Business Tax Transfers                                            

The Revolutionary News? Local Actions & Bylaws have First Priority vs Prov/State & Federal especially when 

                 - no law exists to regulate such NEW local issues,

                             -To effect the NEW, hold a referendum first, then local vote, to set the Bylaws for a NEW Local Treasury

                  - use local eVoting on DLT Distributed Ledger Technology to ensure a non-corruptible voting result with full transparency.

                 -  By Letter Question/Scrutinize your locale's tax transfers to Provincial & Federal coffers with your Local Federal Representative

                           -To effect NEW Business tax transfer limits,

                                    - hold a referendum first, then local vote, to set the Bylaws for a NEW Local Treasury, Biz Tax Transfers in Crypto

                                                - use an eVoter controlled Smart Contract to operate Biz Tax Transfers to Prov./State coffers only in Crypto

                     - If the Prov./Fed Govt wants their Biz tax transfers they can only get them in Quality Crypto, and 'they' pay the fees. :)


Mental Floss Roger Cormier 13 Facts about Pinky and the Brain

Just Do it Call to action: Local  Brain Power can build/Support your Local SOVRINTown Treasury with the local Credit Union

The Absolute Take Action News?- Find yourself a local software Integrator to start tracking the SOVRINTown project right now.

               Get them to contact me and I will help with all of the above and the localization of SOVRINTown to meet local community

               and local business needs. 

               SOVRINTown Treasury is Open Source on GitHub. Updates will come weekly for the next 6 months, starting now.

               The SOVRINTown License does not restrict the Integrator in any way from creating their own version, commercially supported


How online Custodian Management Appointment works in Canada

The Local Credit Union Manager Engagement? The SOVRINTown Treasury Custodians in the Making... 

Yes, believe it or not, the Canadian Government lays out HOW this can be done legally...

        -  Background Check- More than one Credit Union in your locale, interview them first to gauge their interest

         - Awareness and Education First- Its a process and Journey, it takes some time, hold open  workshops, invite the CU Staff for free. 

        - Crypto Use Enablement 2nd- The Credit Union can't run on Air. They Need fees,  from transactions which are Smart Contract Controlled

        - Local Govt Treasury Management /Support 3rd  The Local Integrator Can't run on Air, the Credit Union needs to pay them for support.

        - the Local Govt has to pay the Credit Union Fees to cover the Local Integrator Suppor, via Tax Payer Proceeds


The Local MAN and Colo/DC Provider Engagement? The Foundation on Which SOVRINTown Treasury must operate...

         -Get your Local government to fund, build and own local Fibre optic MAN with Micro DCs ( like Olds Alberta, Canada)

         - Colo Providers will Build and rent out the Local Micro DCs distributed throughout your locale

                         - Diversity of  Sub Station power Supply is good to Many Micro DCs running SOVRINTown Nodes,

                                  -Utility Container ZincAir Batteries  (Zinc8energy or similar)  to Power the Micro DC/Col, even better

         - Fiber Optic Network Providers will connect the Local Micro DCs together with fiber strung through your local Sewer System.

         - Existing Providers will need to be re-licensed to operate in your locale, on the locale's MAN Fibre Optic Network.

                      - This means promoting a new bylaw by referendum , taken to an eVote to:

                                    -control distribution of Wireless Signalling in your Locale so it's safe

                                    - Sell the bandwidth and spectrum on the locale's fiber optic network at wholesale to the Providers

                                               - have the proceeds go into your local SOVRINTown Treasury


The Great Reset? Oh Yeah, the way the local community wants it, coming soon, as SOVRINTown Treasury and

definitely not the way WEC envisions their 'Great Theft' Reset.  

Any questions, ideas, feedback, please comment below, as for us it is early "Requirement Building" Days for SOVRINTown Treasury

I promise to post the best ideas and feedback on github as part of the requirements documentation.

TK over and out. 










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Breaking the Small Wind Mold- Darwind5 Circa 2012

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