Next Gen Low cost Rotor Blades for Small Wind Rotors Anyone Can build

Well it's taken awhile. Finally we have completed the CFd Computational Fluid Dynamics testing to validate our  modular ExoBlade design against existing Filed tested rotors from our earlier Darwind5 project.


The above design means we can use  low cost, "OTS" off the shelf  materials like Aluminium sheet, plastics and even bendable wood veneers to cut out  the retinlinear shapes  and bend them  into the airfoil shape of each stacked blade module.

The first step is to slide the btm connector which attaches to the btm flywheel plate over the flat TE "trailing edge" rod and the middle pre-curved aluminium tube which makes up the  1/2 rotor blade (the bottom section) "space frame".

Then a pre-formed module made out of the sheet material is inserted into the btm conntector airfoil shaped grooves, there after another connector is slide over the flat rod and middle tube to trap the rotor module and, then the process is repeated, leaving th top of the flat rod and middle tube exposed (about half the height of stacked rotor blade module) to be secured to the strut "bluk head".

The above step is repeated five times for our Twind Power System, then the drive shaft hinged struts are lowered to secure the struts to the toop of the 1/2 rotor TE flat rod and the middle tube, repeated five times to secure all 5 blades.

The above steps with practice, can be completed in under 5 minutes. :)

Each of the modules top and bottom edges are secured into the connectors air foils grooves by either applying 2 sided outdoor tape, or by sparingling applying a beed of glue in the connector grooves.

The same process is repeated for the top 1/2 rotors, this time laying the rotor system on its side on the ground, inserting the completed top 1/2 rotor, into the strut bulkhead first, then fastening what is the btm connector "foot to the top flywheel of the Twind Power Rotor. Repeat 4 more times.

Again, this will take an experienced installer about 5 minutes, 1 minute per blade, first timers will take two to 3 minutes per 1/2 blade.

Ones the rotor blades are securely fastened to the top and btm flywheel and the middle strut "blukhead, close and secure the bulkhead "flap style" doors, and slide and fasten  the top and top cowlings into place, do the same for the top and btm center hubs covering the struts, add the Cap and caplet, and the genset housing sidewall, and you areready to attach the  completed rotor to the TWind Power Accelerattion Vane Frame.

More on this latter assembly in a future blog..

The bottom Line? No pultrusion, wet layup or pre-preg fibreglass was used in the construction of the TWIND Power Excoblade, and no special tools were used, just your hands turning a screwdriver, applying tape or glue, and inserting modules and fitting rotor struts on to the btm 1/2 of the rotor blade, and fitting top 1/2 rotor blades on to the flywheel and into the strut bulkheads, closing the bulkhead doors with your hands.

Totally low tech build of the hi-tech next gen rotor Exoblade for the TWIND Power Battery charging system. :)

Oh yeah, at 50% less price  to build the rotor blade than the other methods mentioned for both for materials and labour. 

We pass on 50% of the savings to you the OEM or end user DIY type. 

The secret sauce? Our TWIND Power Exoblade rotor connectors Copyright Harvistor llc 2019.  TWIND Power supply the connectors, you as the DIY type or OEM supply the rest, or we can send you a ready to assembl TWIND Power Battery Charging kit with all materials needed to build the two rotors (including Gensets) and the Yawing Acceleration Vane Frame, coming your way in late 2019.

Why EXOblade as a name? The connectors make up an outer skeleton trapping the rotor modules.

til then 

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Breaking the Small Wind Mold- Darwind5 Circa 2012
Breaking the Small Wind Mold- Darwind5 Circa 2012

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