Maidsafe is AUTONOMI : Internet 2.0+ 'For the People' -Paying the People

Maidsafe is AUTONOMI : Internet 2+ 'For the People' -Paying the People

Time to get your ANT on! ;)

Autonomi is more than a Re-brand of Maidsafe,  Autonomi is a playing field change for the Internet and Web.

Autonomi is Internet 2 and much, much more.

To get Internet 2+ working for you earning rewards, in the near future, before the end of the year

simply add Autonomi ("pronounced autonomy") Node Software to your desktop or spare PC, you will need about 2GB of RAM to play and some extra storage space,  so you can start providing safe access for everyone  on the Internet  running an Autonomi client looking to upload their data files to a node near them sharing some spare disk space.

It will cost you a small fee to upload the data, stored forever safely on Autonomi.

It's always free to download your data at anytime.

to get started you buy some Autonomi tokens, stash them in your wallet then when it's time via the Autonomi client to upload your files to the Autonomi DAO or nodes,  you are only paying for your upload once, a small fee in Autonomi tokens, and now your files are protected by quantum computer hack proof security, forever.

Autonomi does the rest, moving and duplicating your file chunks to different nodes as nodes come and go, making sure your data is always there and safe, regardless from which device your are trying to access or upload your data,

doing so as a VERY LOW COST Storage as a Service, which is just the start for Autonomi.

Expect new types of Applications (minus all the current legacy cyber protection configuration BS and costs) to emerge rapidly on Autonomi which has the security built right it.

Heck you can even host your cryptocurrency , DEFI or Smart Contract project on it.

Autonomi uses standard TCP/UDP Internet protocols to upload and fetch your data which is 'chunked' and duplicated and placed in a 'close group' of other Autonomi nodes near you. Distribution and retrieval of your file's data chunks has Autonomi using a much improved Kademlia derivative reminiscent of how BitTorrent and good ole Napster distributed file management function works.

Security of your file's data is secured using Autonomi's DAG Directed Acyclic Graph built into every Autonomi node,

similar in concept to the way IOTA's DAG works.

Autonomi, a true DAO  "Distributed Autonomous Organization" makes use of proven distributed ledger technology to keep track of Autonomi nodes in a zoned fashion, tracing how well each Autonomi node is performing, making sure other nodes know about each other vis the GOSSIP protocol and,  making sure all nodes know which nodes are  essentially getting 'shunned' for bad behaviour or poor performance. or have simply stopped operating as node (broken, removed/retired/re-purposed) within the Autonomi DAO.

The "For the People" part of Autonomi is really innovative in that,

Autonomi will respond to an Autonomi client (a piece of software you download and install on your desktops, tablet and eventually your mobile phone), where the client is making an upload request, by first placing that first data chunk for your file right away in it's own storage fully encrypted,  data which is only unlockable with the public/private keys your client has, being the nearest fastest node. 

Thereafter, that first node saving the first chunk of your file enlists near or 'close' node neighbours to then distribute the rest of the chunks 'democratically' among randomly responding near nodes in the 'close' group in what is a default Autonomi DAO algorithm selected 'close group'  (not 'closed' group) stored in what is essentially a distributed router table common to all nearby nodes, where such information is stored in the distributed ledger and updated by  each node's GOSSIP protocol.

Alternatively, your client and even the node operators can specify which nodes they prefer to be in their own 'close' group,  a unique feature of Autonomi which opens up the door to create 'private' close groups for businesses and organizations wanting to direct where their file's data is stored, per their own terms, simply by making use of Autonomi as one ginormous massive array of independent drives  self organizing like ants do with in your private 'close group'.

So in this dynamically democratic "do no harm" fashion Autonomi actually uses to distribute storage jobs and issue rewards uses the same logic ants makes use of to self-organize on the fly, a phenomena framed under the term stigmergy.


"Stigmergy is an indirect, mediated mechanism of coordination between actions, in which the trace of an action left on a medium stimulates the performance of a subsequent action."


The developers at Maidsafe have been building their version of Internet 2+, now Autonomi  for18 years, and through trial and error, essentially

going places where no network has gone before,

this 'wee team' have finally took the plunge to set in motion the release of their Autonomi DAO masterpiece.

That is, David Irvine and crew in Scotland weth a few contributing team members elsewhere on this earth are finally  preparing to release the fruits of their efforts' into the wild' open source and public spaces, as well as into private cyberspaces set up with partners, branded as Autonomi, by the end of this year.

(To be fair, their roadmap says October 2024, however, I am an old jaded software guy like Irvine, so add a 2-3 month buffer for unforeseen shenanigans, just to set your own very conservative expectations about Autonomi's ETA)

In what has been seen by many as the almost never ending network research project  at Maidsafe, 

Maidsafe, a project which became an ERC20 play after languishing in terms of market cap as an OMNI coin (Mastercoin), 


this small team, after trying several techs over the years, all the while still aiming to secure monetization of file transactions over their emerging DAO network in a democratic 'node operator' fashion,

returned to it's network design roots about two years ago imo,

thus parking early blockchain tech deep dives completely in any form PoS "Proof of Stake" or PoW "Proof of Work",

to instead,

blend proven distributed ledger tech with known network router table management tech to re-create their design to be the Autonomi DAO,

which is  DAG chained public/private key secured (think IOTA)  to ensure your distributed, chunked data is stored @ scale by what effectively is their re-work and improvement of Kademlia code used everywhere to stream videos online to every one free. (Putlocker et al anyone?)

Autonomi thus can be said to be incorporating the bio-mimicry Stigmergy Model of Ant behaviour so as to efficiently store your data as a distributed series of multi re-hashed private/public key protected chunks and duplicate copies of same in a 'close group', where those file chunk locations can only be retrieved by your Autonomi client software.

The Autonomi 'close' group, automatically replicates and moves data to available close nodes.

As Autonomi nodes come and go for what ever reason,  Autonomi quickly enlists new nodes into your  Autonomi default assigned or, your private assigned 'close group' as needed, to ensure your data is always replicated and safe and quickly retrievable for free.

More interestingly, the Autonomi DAO algorithm issuing rewards to nodes sharing storage is truly democratic.

The Autonomi process of including 'close' nodes into the group to secure your data, regardless of how big or small your system is sharing storage is what makes Autonomi a "For the People' Internet 2+.

It's true your small system may not be readily available and fast enough to respond first via Autonomi's routing table GOSSIP  in order to gain an opportunity to store a file and thus earn a reward, for the first chunk.

But don't worry, the Autonomi first responder  node storing your first chunk needs other 'close' node partners to store your other file data chunks and duplicate all those file data chunks too.

This is where the Autonomi's fair distribution of chucks and rewards algorithm kicks in to ensure your small storage system running an Autonomi node earns a fair share of the rewards, despite it being a puny Raspberry Pi or old Intel or AMD laptops which still have some life left in them, connected behind your router or cable modem hub.

Old clunker PCs with Autonomi Node software installed, whether  it has direct attach storage, be it spinning rust, or partly used up flash drive space,  ensures you will always earn rewards to your assigned wallet for storing duplicate chunks.

That said, Autonomi cleans up after itself as well, where the DAO algorithm's referencing the DAG secured distributed ledger linking nodes in your close group, is also aware of adjacent close groups, each of which co-operates  by updating what is a distributed ledger based set of routing tables over both TCP and UDP.  Autonomi will self-optimize your close group to always speed access to your files and respond quickly to service your uploads, removing any excess copies (three copies is a good number to keep in place at all times) as nodes inevitably come and go over time.

The Tokenomics of Autonomi lend itself to buy/sell flows through Centralized and Distributed Exchanges, so cryptocurrency fans will be able to in the near future be able to take advantage of the liquidity offered by these exchanges to both buy and sell Autonomi via different 'yet to be announced' market pairs.


Autonomi meanwhile is about to change the NETWORK playing field, especially in the C2C and even SMB B2C market place fairly quickly, effectively cutting out the middleman, when it comes to exchange of value between one or more parties exchanges over what really is a quantum computer hack proof Internet 2+.

To get onto the Autonomi Internet 2+, it's simply add client software and start uploading files for a very small one time fee, which will have your files stored forever, fully immutable.

Need to make changes to the file, or perhaps add records, then pay a little more.

Egress or downloading, and even exiting Autonomi is Free, forever. 

Autonomi  promises to be a really HUGE breath of fresh air,

in some ways ushering us all back into a time machine  to take us back in time before the crash in 1999 when we all truly believed the Internet was for the people, not a bunch of corporate thugs in suits with billions of banker fiat behind them.

Then again, Autonomi is also promising to be much, much more than just a distributed storage play.

The team behind Autonomi has taken18 years to build 'our baby' because a small team in Scotland would never give up, to build what most certainly looks like the Webified Internet Tim Berners-Lee was talking about all those years ago, which these days is best framed as Internet 2+ imo.

Running existing Apps Internet 2+ Autonomi will be simpler, less costly cybersecurity add-on shite required

because the quantum computer hack proof security is built in as is the anonymity of the user storing files.

It's also important Autonomi gets faster the more nodes join the network, faster in storing chunks, retrieving chuck and settling transactions between  the client and the DAO and between clients.

Autonomi's  short and long term success will imo, be determined by how easily the team  makes it to install  Autonomi clients and nodes  and who quickly the end users can start using the network right away to stash and retrieve files, and quickly node operators can earn rewards, stashed to whatever wallet they would like to use.

If the team get's that right in the coming months, then Autonomi will be a huge success.

For readers, Cryptosphere investors big and small, web3 wannabies and,  of course Internet and NETWORK aficionados, 

now is the time and time well spent to start really diving into what Autonomi is all about, 

you all have  about seven or eight months to get up to speed on how the Internet 2+ will really work, Autonomi style.

In the mean time check in to these TKO posts and I will do my best to explain more and drum up a few ideas as well which could help us  all become a bit more prosperous with Autonomi too. ;)


TK   over and out.


Tip- If you are also investing in cybersecurity, think twice, read this again and then take a REALLY CLOSE look at Autonomi.  ;)








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