The Local Way or the Globalist Grift?  Freedom or Slavery, your choice

KULTUR TKOs #005: The Local Way or the Globalist Grift?

What IF the State/Prov or Fed  Govts had to come to the Muni Govt,

with their 'hat in hand',

to get anything financed?

(Including fixing  big payout mistakes we didn't vote for in the first place)

That would be wonderful.

What if your state or country Constitution banned their governments from taking loans from private banks?

What if your local muni. govt bylaws actually protected local prosperity?

New Innovations in Crypto tech are now emerging to  make it possible  for open source crypto developers to replace the creaking  crony capitalist Centralized Bank controlled private banking grift with, you guessed it,  local money, both coin/paper and crypto, using asset backed blockchains.

Interestingly enough, its NOW possible for muni. govts in the public sense and credit Unions in the private sense,  to re-create their own treasuries/reserves and respective liquidity positions  using a combination of   asset backed  public and private crypto coins backed Automated Market Maker 'liquidity pools' depositors or investors can support , with full  atomic swap, DEX enabled crypto wallets with multi signature approval.

Why do the above in your a muni. govt or private local Credit Union?

Simple answer.

Protection of your Local Community's viability to sustain and grow a local economy, currently under attack from State and Fed money printing and handouts, both of which are  eating away a your local muni. public treasury value &  your local Credit Union reserve balance positions , the latter covering the CU loans to consumers and small business, the former reducing the value of business and property tax receipts used to fund local works projects and maintain a decent level of service to the local community.  

Both private CU reserve positions and Muni. govt. Treasuries are effectively shrinking fast in the face of  the ever increasing inflation these upper levels of government, central/private bank cadres  and crony capital interests have produced.

It's an onslaught by these forces which is destroying your local community, one printed fiat dollar at a time, fast than you can say that.

To both protect & more efficiently operate your own local treasury at the muni. govt. level and  do same for the local CU in the private sense will FORCE the Globalist Grifters to play our way, the people's local way.

Such a change in our local culture as it applies to handling local wealth can be huge for all of us.

It means muni legislative changes at the town council to re-fashion the local treasury operation and the related bylaws to legally enforce state and federal laws, where if both the federal and state govts are found to be in violation of their own constitutions, then their are no transfer payments. If they are both following their own rule of law per the constitution ok the transfer happens in a currency form we support locally, not the other way around.

So what would that look like


Enter the Komodo, Stellar, ARRR to  set up Private/Public Reserves & Treasuries with Local Currency




1. AtomicSwaps, the world of finance cannot unlearn this innovation..,

Via ARRR, much has been said about the good work going on at Komodo to get atomic swaps working for PirateChain in the area of Atomic Swaps between  dissimilar cryptos wallet to wallet, no banks involved.

Ok, So what? Why do we, the people, care?

Well care you should, especially at the local level, where 85% of all transactions and spend take place, for most people and most small local companies. The same groups that pay local property and business taxes, which then get remitted by the county, city or town government to the state or province.

Implementing Atomic Swaps in the world of open source software development is a new innovation that cannot be unlearned. Within 2 years expect every worthwhile cryptocurrency and distributed exchange DEX, to support Atomic Swaps.

2. NFTs- Non-Fungible Tokens used to represent physical Assets, the Komodo/Stellar Interplay BEP20

As Komodo's Blockchain capabilities evolve and their ATOMICDEX partners start to prosper, others watch and copy.  

Komodo's recent BEP20 support for Stellar's  XLM is a VERY BIG innovation, since Stellar itself is known today for their own distributed exchange SDEX and their built in support for NFT  and support of asset backed  cryptocurrency solution builds.

There are other asset backed cryptocurrencies for sure all looking to create asset backed valuations for their efforts.

The CB International and Local  "Digital Currency" Response? Panic & a double down to work harder..

Heck ithe three points we can't unlearn in the world of crypto software development are exactly the innovations driving  the network of Globalist Central Banks, with BIS handling the clearing among them,  to race like crazy to complete their own Digital currencies based on centrally controlled distributed ledgers, so 'they' can stay in control, meanwhile printing gobs of fiat cash they hand to their buddies to buy time and in the process buy up everything in sight at Wuflu reduced prices. 

Think Blackrock and Gates buying up everything in sight at fire sales prices.

Get the picture?

3. Liquidity Pools: The Local Way Treasury and Reserve Equivalent- Stellar AMM

Stellar's recent announcement regarding  their  Automated Market Makers and support for liquidity pools as described in CAP-38 is a glimpse at the future of crypto finance emerging in ways we as software developers in the crypto space cannot unlearn. Open Source is great in that way, more eyeballs and active brains are involved early to rocket things along. What is learned today in open source is implemented usually within one year if its any good. Personally I see this AMM concept being adapted to local muni. govt. treasury use and as well creates another way to look at Credit Union reserve balance liquidity to backup local business, local government and local personal loans with more diverse 'hard stores of value" where depositors at the CU can opt in to different utility pools from which different types of long or short terms low interest loans are made on the approval  of  CU Community  member elected CU management.

Stellar has been watching other cryptos move forward with AMM and liquidity, I am sure they have learned a bunch, and are now ready to mobilize their very smart brains to get it done the Stellar way, which is very open , democratic and transparent.

I wish Stellar's efforts the best of results, fast.


WEF's EU led Globalist Grift Beast coming a part at the Seams

                          'Igorla Merkel has it right for once..'

The Globalist Grift is coming apart fast.

US2020 election shenanigans aside, the CB Network backed by the biggest crony capitalists have a problem. "The cat is out of the bag" and we can see their gig for what it is, a grift of globalist proportions, perpetuated in modern form since their Jekyll Island, GA scheme as hatched in 1913.

Let's face it the world's financial system is seriously broken as are the stock, bond and commodities markets in the public sense.  We have become a world directed and controlled by Globalist Grifters.

The three above innovations we can't unlearn in the crypto software development world of open source has these Globalist grifters spoked beyond belief. 

Better yet their next move  of CB settlement via CBDCs backed by a a basket of fiat currencies represented in digital form,  of what they call assets (fiat is not an asset, gold is) fully expose their grift for all to see.


Switch into Glide by the Kings Circa 1981

Switch into Glide in 2022: The Globalist Grifter or Local Money Way?

Well  moving forward into 2022, you all call decide to go with the Globalist Grifter flow and let's these crony capitalists buy you out of existence per their Georgia Guide Stone directives or not. This grift is for sure your direct, fastest way to a UBI cheque and losing your sovereignty completely.

Me, personally I can't watch this happen to me, my loved ones, friends and community.

I am not the complacent, compliant type.

If the sane individual has learned anything during the past 15 month globalist grift, engineered by these worshippers of WEF and enabled by the many complacent sheep taking the #clotshot, such folk know this grift has got to stop.

Also, fixing the US2020 election theft aside, engineered again by these same grifters,  

the next best way to stop this globalist grift is to stop using their financial systems and their digital fiat money, full stop.

The other best way to 'buy the open source development community a little time' do build the 'Local Money Way' is for all of us to start using cash again, regularly.


These globalist grifters hate cash, so #cashfriday is a good way to keep the cash use flowing and the coin and paper money supply going.

That said, such support of a #cashfriday movement is  in the end, a bandaid approach to healing our local economy from a much deeper financial wrong, which crony capitalist engineered Hyperinflation, making everyone poorer by the minute.

Mskr no mistake, Cash &Crypto need each other, especially since we can now represent assessed backed cash as a token on the blockchain, the twin anchors of what will be the Local Money Way.


Former US HUD Secretary breaks rank tells us how the World and US Finance system really works

Fitts and Bits

You can learn a little more of what is happening to you by clicking on the above pic, that is  "how this globalist grift of all grifts really works", from Catherine Austin Fitts, former USA HUD 'Housing and Urban Development: Secretary, as Ms. Fitts 'breaks rank' from the crony capitalist running the Big Grift,   with a quite well organized decent 16 minute summary of the grift with the Dark Journalist.


d8096711480fdf29562ae4f8968c1979561ddd4f8ae9503ec3c3f92975e39c78.gifThe same old Grift...

The Griftless Way- Toward Local Sovereignty and Prosperity: The Local Way

Asset Backed  Public Treasuries & CU Reserves and the return of Asset Backed Cash

First, I write these posts to eboth personally educate myself and help outnot only  crypto investors, but smaller communities and their businesses to help them discover a prosperous way forward, and not just to survive but find new ways to thrive in the face of the unravelling globalist grift we are ll witnessing in real time.

Ironically, privacy coin token extensions, coloured coins if you like,  which are asset backed with DEX and atomic swap support, with multi-sig wallets, are ideal ways to setup digitally managed local assets, which can be used to float a coloured local token , Local Money used for peer to peer settlement without banks between retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers. Add in liquidity pools in the form of AMM. Community members can deposit funds in the liquidity pool in the former of asset backed tokens (local digital money, a supply of grain,  wind energy credits for hosting a wind turbine on the farm, etc.., it matters not)  or crypto  other currencies to top up the treasury so the local govt can got to the local Credit Union and get a really low interest infrastructure loan  get those sidewalks, traffic lights or roads repaired, where the Credit Union itself has enough  'hard store of value' and physical asset backed reserves to cover their loan positions.

IMO if your local credit unions want to stay in existence , they need to re-think they their are running their reserves and entertain hosting  local settlement nodes for the supporting distributed ledger technologies and add adding some Local Money Support to existing Cash dispensing ATMs , which interactively allow both their local private crypto and cash to freely circulated in their local economy.



Going that extra Local Money Mile- 3D Print your own Metal Coins onyour Desktop- A local mint.

Heck, today with powered metals, anyone could 3D print their own local coinage on their desktop,  to a local 'mint' standard in copper, silver.copper using 3D metal printers, just get a fume hood before you start with a good filter.

Better yet, the Local Money DEX would map in the price of copper as it happens and, the local settlement using such coinage is made based on grams of copper weight, so you end up buying your eggs with an old junk  in theory with recovered copper printed as local  copper based coins.

Note- there is lots of that copper buried in the  ground, decommissioned it just needs to be recovered. Same goes for old buildings scheduled for demolition. The muni. govt controls those licenses and can organize a deal to acquire the copper at a discount rate from the demolition company.

I call this type of ingenuity the  innovative idea fuel for local sovereignty, no permission to be asked or required of the state.

IF  your state or federal government needs cash receipts from your muni. govt to pay for their largesse?

OK  they can convert to supporting local currencies, not the other way around , because locally we only do digital transfers our way, the local way, and that is the only way you will be able to collect your taxes, if you have not violate your oath of office or broken the law.

Making your Local Community Sovereign, The Local Money Way..,

All of the above is why I keep working on SOVRINTown 

I see SOVRINTown deployed in a distributed micro colocation grid operating in a small community one day, helping that community get out of this current crony capitalist created Globalist Grift Nightmare.

Crypto will be a big part of The Local Money Way but not the only way, as the revival of asset based cash created in local forms of metal issued together with  metal asset  backed paper with its own finite supply controlled locally and transparently by the local vote via the local mint, will see asset backed paper cash working  together with its digital only forms of local money to hail a new era of finance locally, we can't unlearn.

The question is do you see the Local Money Way out too?

Share the hashtag please #Cashfriday

That's all for now 

TK over and out.
















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Breaking the Small Wind Mold- Darwind5 Circa 2012

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