Herd Antics: Black Friday Massive BTC To FIAT conversions = BTC US$17K and bouncing back
BTC Bitcoin Bounce to 20K Pre_Winter Holidays

Herd Antics: Black Friday Massive BTC To FIAT conversions = BTC US$17K and bouncing back

Well, same as last year, but worth noting.

What the Turkey looks like when fate calls...Every November

The 'Herd' always needs fiat money the week of Black Friday, just before the trip to Turkey Dinner and Football on  the last Thursday of November in the USA.

BTC volume and withdrawals to Fiat delivered much needed 'cash' to buy whatever this week, be it fuel, accommodation, presents or cash for the on online deal buy ... since the retail stores  on BF Nov 27th 2020 were largely physically empty,  due to a market segment bout of WUFLU lockdownitis.

A WUFLU Black Friday at Maceys 27th Nov 2020 Facediapers Not Included, but worn... 

Meanwhile online deal traffic did soar all week, 

Have the face diapered #NPC masses learned anything? Nope.

The takeaway?  This is not normal. Humans need real interaction and we get that going to work and shopping, etc..

What's next...

Which imo is likely to wake up most all of the 'herd' from their "abject complacency" slumber?

A Forced, mandatory vaccine on everyone. 35% might take this WHO/NWO/CDC mandate because 'abject complacency' is their style, the other 2/3s are likely to tell such un-elected authorities to stick that vaccine where the sun don't shine, a difference of opinion which will wake up both sides of the argument.

We will shoot you and your kids up no problem!


Never mind US election outcomes, a forced vaccine may indeed be the wake-up call both sides need, yo wake up and,   grab back their personal sovereignty from the un-elected masterminds operating everything behind the curtain.

Is that NWO Gates, Master of  the Universe behind the curtain? I don't think so...


What is for sure in my mind is BTC will rebound even stronger  heading into the holidays, possibly cresting over 20K as BTC is handed out as gifts, then will summarily plunge back to US $18K, the new normal for BTC market bottom.

BTC Big Bounce back before the Winter Holidays? yup possibly over US$20K...

Enjoy the rest of the holiday my US friends,

TK over and out.




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Breaking the Small Wind Mold- Darwind5 Circa 2012
Breaking the Small Wind Mold- Darwind5 Circa 2012

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