IOTA, Crypto's comeback kid in 2021 complete with Time Machine and scale-able EVM TPs for ERC20 SCs

CRYPTO Issue #0025- IOTA 2021's Comeback Kid EVM Style with a Time Machine

After a descent out of the Top 50 on most MarkCap Tables coinmarketcap coingecko or otherwise,

IOTA is storming back,

IOTA is today currently a #43, and over US $4B in MarketCap, about 1/0th of Solana's valuation... with equivalent capabilities emerging in the hotly contested , yet to take off, Smart Contract Platform market, currently dominated by ERC20 Solidity SCs.


Ok, IOTA did hold back on removing the Central Coordinator training wheels there since the early days, tripped up a few times, and then pivoted into Smart Contracts, turning hornet into their community node edtion in the process.

Well, IOTA did all of the above with good reason,  in that IOTA was working on something much MUCH Bigger in parallel.

A Quadruple Entry Bypass of the TPS problem plaguing the entire PoW segment of crypto. That's right IOTA scale PoW and add adds in a conflict aware and resolution bit of logic 'stint' (heart surgery language), to super scale, of all things Solidity Smart Contracts on the EVM. So take that you PoS types. ;)

This is not Eric Hop

Who'd a thunk it,

A Philips tech vet from NL toiling on the Pacific Coast of North America is a big part of IOTa solving  Ethereum's  Big PoW and energy sucking TPS problem  for them, that is to actually get Solidity Contract TPS to scale, very much in the Genre of Solana and NEON/EVM doing same for ERC20.

Thank you Eric Hop and co. at IOTA foundation and IOTA community.

I'ts been a close shave for IOTA, with IOTA's long term success  seriously teetering a bit on the edge of the Shitcoin abyss, as they sunk to position #53 on the Marketcap charts , at just about US $1.4B a few weeks back.

Now that the IOTA team  perseverence has actually delivered some real value they are right on track now, having grown up a bit in the process,  and I think now finally set to "go to the moon,"

I have been following IOTA closely since Sept of 2017, so I know what they have been through.  ;)

Relative to Solana's big Proof of History break thru, IOTA has  also added conflict aware capabilities to the Tangle with full resolution of things such as double spend while maintaining transaction order, doing so in a massively parallel way supporting EVM branches which run both Solidity and WASM Smart Contracts. A new type of Time Machine of sorts.

Additionally, any fees charged by these Smart Contracts will be much lower because consensus quorum member count can be programmed by the SC developer  to best match the SC work and contained to that branch written in Solidity or WASM. 

How cool is that? Way way cool...

Why should you and I care?

If you are a crypto speculator with a slow sell fuse, now is the time to buy IOTA.

If you are developer of Smart Contract 'centric' solutions, your TPS worries are soon over by hosting your SC solutions on IOTA side chains equipped with EVM. Also settlement between chains will be much cheaper without worrying about ETH gas prices.

If you are an investor which actually is interested in investing and supporting a crypto project designed to make the world a better place, then you are in that right place called IOTA. 

If you hate paying insane ETH or BTC transaction fees , you are also in the right place here at IOTA.

No doubt Solana is grabbing the limelight and some early Investors ran out of patience with IOTA and fled the coup in Solana's direction.

Keep this in mind, what IOTA has done with its Time Machine iteration,  rivals if not surpasses what Solana has created  wth proof of History, in what we see now is a pair of true crypto innovations creating the 4th generation Crypto wave of innovation  for the Smart Contract part of the market which has  been needed for a few years now.

And wait for it, IOTA has yet to spike on their way to the moon, going where Solana is now in the MarketCap tables.

So if you missed the Solana ride, IOTA is poised to do the same,  that is, "Go to the Moon."


IOTA is ready to go to the moon... by 2022 on the backs of EVM SC and ERC20 Mass Adoption

Under the hood - IOTA's Quadruple Entry Accounting with conflict awareness and resolution of  bad transactions (ie double spend, etc..)

OK I am not going there in tech terms.  Suffice it to say I plead the 5th, until I have full second pass in  deep RTFM  mode.

I will report back, thereafter.

What is clear is US $1B flooded into IOTA around September 2nd to 3rd, which launched IOTA up the charts, now poisedd to pass the flagging "I have lots of EOS gang so I get to stake and get  claim rewards every Epoch for being a good Consensus node (an the rest of you can, well , you no what...). Ok Cointelgraph tells us the price hike and investor interest is because of the Sept 2nd release. Really?  Mr. Moog of IOTA a key contributor says it makes no sense. I beg to differ. Big Whale crypto investors have really smart predictive market AI now.

IOTA more than any other project in the Top 100, has endured a lot of criticism, some earned, most not.

One certainty I now see is IOTA's rise back into the Top 20 before year end, possibly at 1/5th of Solana's Speculative Valuation, which likely level off for awhile at the current position in the charts  while the greater market honeymoon period persists for a few months any way, to see what Solana can really deliver.

For IOTA that promises a 2X before when they deliver Coordicide for the Main net and early smart contract EVM support with TPS settlement scale based on PoW.

Make no mistake, IOTA's main rival Solana is mostly a Jacobs family Qualcomm play imo, so Solana have big backers and will be around for a long time as they add more value to their scale-able ETH SC solution with NEON EVM support on  the SOL DPL. 

Having such two excellent 4th generation blockchain offers will help propel the entire market forward, so 2022 promises to be an outstanding year for crypto. regardless of  the upcoming govt regulatory shit foisted upon crypto.

In the mean time expect the IOTA  super nerds to finally remove the training wheels after a few more months of GoShimmer Consensus testing and debugging on Devnet 2.0, likely in Q1 2022. Exciting times.

When that happens, expect investors to take notice as such \ a feature delivery completely de-risks IOTA  as it applies to handling ETH ERC20 Smart Contracts in volume mounted as multiple parallel blockcchains mounted on the TANGLE mainnet which will also settle with zero fees between such chains.


That's it, 

TK over and out.









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