Bottom Up Prosperity Locally via Crypto Community Trust Funds

Bitcoin Community Trust Funds: A Local Prosperity Reset, 'Bottom Up'

Distributed Local BTC Trust Funds for Public Works, powered by Local Biz Donations. hmm.

To enable this new form of cash flow into your local community, instead of seeing 100% of all business tax get sucked up by the State or Province,

Towns, County's Need to Change their Bylaws to Accept Crypto Business Donations in lieu of Tax, at least 50%  in order to 

create a 'Carry forward' (year to year) crypto trust fund based on Bitcoin and Ethereum to economically pay for Local Public Works Expenditures, because right now, the  Rampant Federal government money printing is eroding every Community's buying power 2-3% per month!

Setting up such a Crypto Trust fund for public works means the state or province governments can't legally get at those funds, nor can the  Federal government.

It's that simple.


In exchange for the Local Bitcoin Donation to the Community Trust Fund for public works development, Businesses contributing get

a local business tax reduction for the year is granted by the Town or County in the same amount donated.

The traditional steps of  Public Tender Management are embodied in each project's Smart Contract, each with its own multi-sig wallet  with signing groups assigned for each phase.


Thereafter, the Biz donator has a Smart Contract controlled vote or can assign a proxy to vote with the town council, for the duration of the project selected,

to help guide the expenditures committee as to what the RFQ should look like, which Bids to consider and to vote on bids.


Contractors which accept Bitcoin for payment partly or in full get preferred bid ranking.


Communities around the world need to take control of their own local prosperity future prospects now,  to defend the town or county's buying power, by getting

 local businesses to invest in public works via crypto donations, to more economically pay

for projects such as :

Road and  Water Works Upgrades, extensions and new builds,

Local Fibre Communications infrastructure construction to be be rented back to local businesses,

Local Public infrastructure Projects for libraries, theatres, event halls, arenas, parks, sports fields.

Setting up a Local Crypto Community Trust fund is a simple step forward to local prosperity growth, etc..,


without state or provincial contagion/confusion and meddling.


Communities must elect a  a mayor and council people with the enough gumption to set up new bylaws which allow the creation of crypto trust funds which allow local businesses to directly invest in these public works via inflation proof Bitcoin and possibly other altcoins capable of being backed by hard assets useful to the town or county.


The 'local team' spirit  is a must, meaning business and council co-operatively manage each project together.


No need for Federal handouts.


If the state or the province want to play local, they need to pay, into the local community crypto trust fund


using Bitcoin only  (otherwise bugger off.)


Smart Contract controlled Multi-sig Wallets used to collect donation and disburse funds to those awarded contracts for projects requires 67 percent of the joint local trust management committee vote before the Smart Contract can most to the next stage, which is to accept and publish bids, per the RFQ specifications held by the smart contract, where assigned multi-signature holders for each stage must sign off on  Bid approval and then  disbursement of funds and management and recording of project progress.

Where the trust fund multi-signature wallet  under 'per project' Smart Contract control 'on-chain', collects the multi-ig votes at each stage for those assigned to each stage and, manages the rounds of voting until a majority is reached and then,  the multi-signature approval releases the the RFQ, accepts Bids, selects winning bids and then funds the project based on the joint trust management committee approved contracts to fund the local project.

As the various project stages progress, the Town Tax payers get a 100% transparent view into project state and see the trust fund transactions via each project's steps, as published by the Smart Contract handling donation intakes and  project sign-off steps and expenditures,  where all transactions and information about projects is stored on the local community's own secure local private blockchain, which is always visible to  registered local tax and bill payers and registered local people of voting age who vote and elect the mayor and the council.


 The above is Local Prosperity,  'Bottom up' ,  the Crypto secured way.


Oh Yeah,  local community town councils must ALSO vote on and invoke a bylaw that bans Blackrock, State Street and Vanguard and, any and all large global holding companies of the same ilk, from owning a share in any multi-dwelling and single dwelling homes directly or indirectly in your Town or County.


BECAUSE these racketeers are involved in the illegal laundering of drug money, washed in Europe, that is then used to buy up and then set high re-sell and rental prices for all commercial and residential real estate, backed by large banks, eating up your buying power everyday with bank created inflation. 


The Cryptosphere technology  and brainpower is now here to manage all of the above, no need to wait.


So get going crypto developers, you know what to do, in your town and county. ;)


That's all for now,


TK over and out.


PS- Need more detail on the How to? Check the links below ;)



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