BAT breaks Rank past 7 Days: Goes it's own way?
Brave Goes it's own way Past 7 Days, Not following the BTC Up & Down, An Investor Breakaway?

BAT breaks Rank past 7 Days: Goes it's own way?

Looks like investors are finally waking up to the fact BAT & Brave Co. have a different gig.

Brave's Permissioned Advertising Market Place offer enables Ad Buyers/Placers to buy Ads in #BAT and, using the Brave Ad Network these Ads get sent to the Brave Browser User Audience of more than 10 million where users decide what ads they see.

BAT is in fact, different from investing in #BTC, #ETH and all the other 'tag along' alt coins and tokens, whose price behaviour sees investors setting up their trading app software algorithms to closely track and react to BTC price movements (of which, much of the 'up and down' price action is largely manipulated by whales and central miner pool holding activity). 

BAT Last 7 Day Steady Rise against the


You can go your own way.. BAT. 

The past 7 days of BAT trading bears that out as BAT "breaks away from the pack"  algorithm mentality  built into trading desk software rules by investors, as wise investors  interested in the Ad space are getting on board the BAT train,  are now treating the BAT price  being more influenced by Brave Ad wins with Ad placement Customers. (The whales and smart investors are indeed getting wiser)

BAT's value has steadily climbed on the Brave co  news they are winning  bigger Ad placement players like Amazon who are purchasing BAT to enable their ad placement, thus boosting the BAT price commensurately (and adjusting the Brave price of AD placement cost charged to the add placer as measured in BAT and US $ accordingly) 

BAT Post 2020 Crash Complete Recovery: Yes. Nicer than Most.

One of the Best Post COVID Crash Recoveries


Brave and BAT gets a  BIG Vote of Confidence from Big Ad placement Companies

It's clear by such recent large buy actions by Ad placement giants such as Amazon, which is a ringing endorsement if there ever was one for Brave, that Brave co. has indeed built the next gen way forward for online advertisers looking for a targeted marketing edge to boost revenue and, clearly is the first mover in the emerging market segment of Permissioned Advertising, soon to be standard by 2022 in the EU and most jurisdictions looking to protect user data privacy.

Brendan Eich and co. at Brave, Respect and Kudos. Keep up the great work!

Nice to see BAT break away from the pack and go its own way as investors finally wise up.

Just one minor point, definitely more work needed on the Brave Store, in the area of variety and true novelty! (let's get creative will ya all!) 

Brave/Bat Propeller Beanie anyone powered by brain waves (and solar) ? 

How about a micro lion head Brave Logo Solar Fan (using a computer silent fan w/ rechargeable LiPoly batteries) pushing  the air out of the lion mouth with the head mounted on a pivot to target the flow? Beats the hell out of crap AC.  lol. 

TK over and out...




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Breaking the Small Wind Mold- Darwind5 Circa 2012

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