The 1 Thing to Watch for in Crypto and Life in 2020

By CryptoShanty | Sipping on Satoshi | 19 Dec 2019

Starting a new year is a hopeful time, and there is a sense of having a fresh start every January 1st. Regardless of whether we achieve most goals proposed in the previous year, too often, however, we stumble into the first steps of change and quietly retreat to old unhealthy habits in what is really important to us. Why not determine this year to be different with a helpful New Year tip?

Whether it is your family life, love life, professional life or goals related to this brave and noisy crypto world there is a person you should never forget and always listen... yourself! You are the one that deep inside knows whats best for you and what your goals and motivations are. You might look outside for references but never follow blindly! And remember that your low points are merely an opportunity to increase your position.

This is why this calm and rational guy is a reference for me in this noisy world! I loved this video so much I want to share it with you.


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