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Decentralization is the keyword for cryptocurrencies. Decentralization means that each person handles and protects their own assets. This is an unprecedented advantage because everyone becomes their own bank. Like everything in life, there are some d...

Universal Basic Income | A Critical Societal Movement

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What is Universal Basic Income (UBI)? Universal basic income is a system similar to Social Security, where all citizens of a country receive a fixed amount of money on a regular basis. This money is typically provided by the government or a similar p...

Best Faucets In 2019 (Update September 2019)

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There are many faucets sites popping up every day, this post helps to find the best legit faucets out there. I will update this post during 2019 whenever I find a good-paying faucet or any info that is important. The most immediate, and risk-free way...

How To Stake POS Cryptocurrencies

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In the crypto sphere, all transaction need to get validated, that's the one thing every blockchain has in common. Until a while ago, the most common validation system was mining or 'Proof-of-Work' which is known to use huge amounts of electricity, an...

Introduction to Qtum Blockchain Course and Crypto Asset Investment Analysis Course (Earn $15 worth of Qtum)

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I recently came across Invictus Capital a team of engineers and scientists, who embrace the rapid evolution of technology and its application to the financial sector. Invictus is the home of the first tokenized encryption index fund CRYPTO20, that ho...

Who created Blockchain technology?

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On almost every website that explains what Blockchain is, we can usually read that it's impossible to talk about Blockchain without first talking about Bitcoin and that Blockchain technology was created by the cryptic Mr. Satoshi Nakamoto. In fact, S...

Tron The Decentralized Entertainment Network That Rises Against The Content Industry Giants

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[Warning: Best Tron Faucet Inside]  Tron (TRX) is a third-generation blockchain-based decentralized content entertainment protocol created in September 2017 by Justin Sun, CEO & Founder of Tron Foundation, a highly decorated entrepreneur, labeled as...

Bilaxy bug and the code that never arrived! Dear crypto phobics it's all a game!

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[After the 2 days waiting period to associate my NEO Address with my Narrative account, I ran for my Point Redemption and redeemed a part of my rewards. In less than a day the Rewards Redemption request has been processed. I wasn't expecting it to be...

Dawn of The DApps | The video parody that made my day!

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                                                There is still a (not so) long way to go regarding crypto mass adoption. Maybe slower than we think (allowing to buy at low prices) but not too far out (far enough so time can work its magic). A large...

Cryptocurrencies || A Tool To Break The Financial Enslavement System

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Cryptography is a revolutionary technology that has the ability to improve the lives of people with access to it. A cryptocurrency is a powerful tool for economic, social, and political change that aims to deliver power back to individuals in a way n...