Why SwitchToBrave Browser? Simple: my laptop doesn't crash so much!

There has been much talk about how great Google was with its search engine and the disruptive benefits that its browser brought at the time when about 20 years ago it was only possible to obtain unsuccessful and late results in search engines such as konqueror, altavista, yahoo, etc.

After the Silicon Valley guys implemented their domain with Google Chrome as a way to lessen the competition that Microsoft then represented with Internet Explorer and all its security flaws that we later found out, it seemed that the solution had finally arrived and that finally there would be no successor to the king. And so it has been for a long time.

However, with the advent of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies and the advertising business that the technology giants starting with Google began to dump to monopolize and exploit to the maximum for their benefit, their imminent flood of advertising on the pages that we open through this search engine are sometimes endless, if not unbearable. This is how we have begun to see that every time you use a Chrome to access any website, if you have an adblocker enabled you may not have so much to worry about, but if you are a technological newbie who only uses Chrome for both personal and commercial purposes, You may not find the time or the way to deal with unwanted advertising without having exposure to data tracing that is highly worrying.

In particular I have never been so idealistic with search engines until an unwanted event with data leakage was announced a couple of years ago where I understood that privacy is priceless. And so it has been understood by the people of Brave with its new search engine.

Brave Browser not only offers privacy but a much more plausible navigation without worrying about the flood of advertising on the pages that can lead to an unwanted event or worse even if your machine is inert state by a repetitive loop that originates many times when You access these sites by accident.

And the latter is one of the fundamental reasons besides the privacy for which I have opted to use Brave Browser instead of Google Chrome: the operational stability of my laptop.

In the following sequence of images, in the style of the post upload on this blog in a comparative way between both search engines, I have decided to demonstrate with the same website how my laptop no longer tolerates Google Chrome to surf the web.

And because of so much publicity, my team becomes unstable and detestable, so hopefully sometimes I can kill all processes and hopefully recover my work session, as other times I lose all my valuable time having to restart the laptop for being frozen before the instability that Google Chrome offers for its high advertising content.

In the case of a navigation through the CoinMarketCap.com site, when using your search engine to get the price of the FLETA Token, this is how my team has behaved with Chrome:



View of the Advertising load page at the top, center and right side of my screen.




The team starts to become unstable so I have to generate the process console to try not to lose the active work session.




The increasingly slow team hardly allows me to select the tab to close.




After unsuccessful attempts, Chrome closes telling me that an error has occurred, when it really is YOUR MISTAKE!





By way of comparison, we repeat the same process with the same website but with the sought-after Brave to see the differences in the appearance of the page and its performance.


TOKEN FLETA page on CoinMarketCap with Brave Browser. Notice how clean the page is without advertising and total stability.




Graphics and general information about the requested token and without any problems with the device in addition to the inherent privacy free of advertising.









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