Kira Network: Powering DeFi with Liquid Staking

The Blockchain Kira Network platform is launched as the first decentralized solution that allows the exchange of assets without trust and without permission, thanks to the use of Tendermint and Cosmos SDK to protect and empower DeFi applications with liquid staking.

Kira network achieves its purpose through a novel system secured by a derivation of the self-named Multi-Bonded Proof of Stake, which allows users of the ecosystem to earn rewards for staking any digital asset inside and outside the crypto universe.

Thus, a user on the Kira network can bet cryptocurrencies, digital fiat or even NFT through their native KEX token.


What is new about the Kira Network is its ability to involve staking both the crypto ecosystem and the real world through digital assets, while encouraging the liquidity of all assets at stake.

Revenue is generated through block rewards and transaction fees, which depend on limited interest rates that are assigned individually to each token.

In addition, the user is able to use derivatives to bet on the leverage of assets, in the middle of a network that becomes more secure and reliable by allowing the participation of multiple assets.


Kira allows you to trade tokens that originate from independent blockchains with no scale limitation. This is achieved thanks to the application of its sharding technology in its Blockchain application.



In this way, Kira Network allows a unique exchange of DeFi applications and tokens on platforms outside its network, encouraging the participation of more foreign assets to its network through the deposit of their native tokens.

It is expected according to its roadmap, a connection with the Cosmos, Polkadot and Ethereum blockchains to bring the best of all these ecosystems to the novel staking proposed by Kira Network.

As if that were not enough, Kira Network introduces the novel Liquid Stake concept through its Multi-Bonded PoS consensus algorithm, which natively supports 1: 1 participation derivatives that are transferable, negotiable and bettable with leverage in multiple chains other than Same time.

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Kira Network allows its innovative staking system thanks to the participation of all holders of the ERC20 KEX token of the Blockchain platform, of which a maximum issuance of 300 million tokens is expected.

The ERC20 KEX token will be a provisional token issued on the Ethereum network to provide early access to the market and which will be equal in number to the initial supply of native KEX tokens once the Kira mainnet is launched.

The corenet launch will take place after audits and one month of non-stop testnet operations. Until its launch, each month 4 million KEX of reserve tokens and 1 million KEX of community tokens will be unlocked from the contract to support and incentivize liquidity, based on the distribution model stipulated by the technical team.

Currently, the team has achieved financing of approximately USD 4 million in its first months of private presale, at a price per token of USD 0.075 per unit.



Despite the short time that Kira Network has been on the air, its proposal has already generated traction among some important actors of the Blockchain ecosystem, which allow us to visualize the scope and power of the solution foundations for the DeFi sector of the Kira Network proposal.

Their concept of staking liquidity is brought by the Kira Core development team to the social trading layer of, allowing traders to not only vote on the composition of their trading portfolios but to generate profits with assets from their portfolios.

Additionally, Kira Networkr will enable a fully decentralized cross-chain asset bridge to connect to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other chains and gain access to all non-custodial tokens through its integration with Swingby Labs' Skybridge.

More recently, Kira Network announced a strategic alliance with Blockparty, a digital collectibles marketplace that allows users to own, sell and trade digital assets, with which its users will be able to stake their NFT tokens while having access to any DeFi application on the chains of Cosmos and Polkadot.


Kira Network's novel concept of linking the best of the DeFi ecosystem and Blockchain technology with its novel Multi-Bonded Proof of Stake consensus algorithm, is undoubtedly an important point to highlight of the project's fundamentals for its future projection.

And that optimism is what seems to have flooded the Venture Capitalists last August, during the successful round of financing that Kira Network had, raising $ 2.5 million in total funds both in seed and private capital.

Although the road is a long one to go, there are already compelling reasons to put the Kira Network in the spotlight of any portfolio.

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