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Insane APY and NFTs from Polydoge

Born out of the Dogecoin hysteria, PolyDoge pounds its chest as it showers holders and liquidity providers with NFTs and memes galore. The PolyDoge team focuses on what made DogeCoin popular--namely, the memes, community, and fun--all the while keeping the underlying tech simple. Crazy simple. Like, 10 lines of Solidity simple. 

// SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
pragma solidity ^0.7.1;

import "@openzeppelin/contracts/token/ERC20/ERC20.sol";

contract pDoge is ERC20 {
    constructor() public ERC20("PolyDoge", "PolyDoge") {
        _mint(msg.sender, 10e32);

For non-coders, that "10e32" equates to one quadrillion PolyDoge tokens (plus eighteen decimal places to follow the typical ERC20 standard). The team already burned over 13% of the total supply after its deployment (131,906,514,679,810 tokens). Enough with the technicals, let's get into why you're reading.

Insane APY

As of this writing, the current APY + fees for liquidity mining PolyDoge-QUICK equates to 5,586%.


If you prefer hodling Matic, their APY offers only 1200%...

pDoge Matic

In recent memory, after last year's DeFi summer, I only found such crazy percentages on Binance Smart Chain for tokens that seemed to exist just to take your money. In pDoge's four-week existence, they engage nonstop with tweets and retweets on Twitter, built a vibrant Telegram(join us here), written sixteen Medium articles regarding updates, and airdropped four NFTs to token holders and LPs. Speaking of...

NFT Drops!

What's better than a brand new meme coin offering ridiculous APY? NFT airdrops directly into your wallet! All those who staked QUICK in Quickswap's Dragon's Lair during the snapshot woke up to this surprise today: 

Next Moonshot?

As of this writing, pDoge's market cap sits just above $13 million. See the widget below for current stats.

So, here's my thought process: pDoge


  • just launched on Polygon which is becoming a monster of a network
  • collaborates and is promoted by Quickswap--one of the biggest DEXs in crypto
  • branded itself off of DogeCoin, the most popular meme coin
  • rewards its community with surprise NFT drops
  • capped its supply as opposed to DogeCoin's limitless supply
  • created a fun, passionate community
  • drops great memes. Period. 


  • price discovery takes time
  • potentially skewed valuations because of such a high circulating supply
  • prior to WallStreetBets and Elon shilling DogeCoin, meme coins targeted a minute demographic of an already small crypto community
  • unsophisticated code (could be both positive and negative)
  • dependent upon Polygon's success 

A certain aura already surrounds pDoge. Most relevant crypto projects focus on their protocols with intelligent, imaginative devs. And that's amazing! The essence of PolyDoge, however, lies in creating a sense of community. Seriously, hit up their Telegram and scroll through their Twitter. You'll see Ace Ventura, Borat, Indiana Jones, Maverick, and of course:

Memes, NFTs, passive income, and a boisterous, amazing community--what else do you need?

How about an app specifically for pDoge holders?

I'm neither confirming nor denying...

Jump on @PolyDoge to find out for yourself.

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