How much $ for a PUBLISH0X Post?

How much $ for a PUBLISH0X Post?

By Tarcam76 | BRAZIL_Investments | 20 Jun 2020

That´s the question... How much money could I do with one post on Publish0X?

So, to find the answer, I simulate the workflow and respective values on different cryptos we would receive for each steps.

Important, I am simulating all the process, on links I currently use.



b) 2 hours of your time to reach all the workflow




STEP 1 - IDEA for the new post

Well, for this point you have had an idea for a new post and decide to share it, for example on PUBLISH0X.

For instance, just the idea, ZERO cash.


STEP 2 - RESEARCH to get insights and sources

Here we start to get cryptos.

Probably you are using PRESEARCH to navigate on articles. If you use 32x, you will get 0,25 PRE tokens for each reaserch, so you will do 8 PRE.

Math: 0,25 PRE x 32 = 8 PRE x $0,0217 (Jun/20th/20) = $0,1736


At some point, you have looked for LIBRARY too. If it was you 1st daily use, it worth between 0.5~50 LBC (until couple days ago it was 1~100 LBC); anyway, for this use let´s be optimistic and say 2 LBC on pocket.

Math: 2 LBC x 1 = 2 LBC x $0,0299 (Jun/20th/20) = $0,0598


STEP 3 - WRITE the post

Here the time to put on text format your idea.

At mean time, as a BRAVE and PUBLISH0X users, we will get 10 adverting and tip 10 articles.

So, 10 BRAVE ads X 0,1BAT = 1 BAT

And, 10 P0X tips x (??? DAI or BAT or LRC) = $0,01

Math: 1 BAT x $0,02233 (Jun/20th/20) + $0,01 =  $0,0333


STEP 4 - PUBLISH here!

Let´s suppose you will be tipped quite well... so between DAIS, LRCs and BATs, the post will return you $0,1




STEP 1 - $0

STEP 2 - $0,1736 + $0,0598 = $0,2334

STEP 3 - $0,0333

STEP 4 - $0,1


TOTAL = $0,3667




Be safe!



Updating 6 hours later:

STEP 4 - $0,1 reached after 121 views - THANK YOU FOLKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!



To understand the work flow and the powerful of these sites, look at my post

Tks again! Keep tipping, reading and sharing your crypto experiences...


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