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By tux51512 | Brave User | 17 Jun 2020

For goddess sake what is going on, today I was watching youtube as normal and suddenly the weirdest thing happened, I got YOUTUBE ADS.




And for most of you might be common, as you are probably using the Chrome Browser, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Opera Mini...etc, etc, etc.

But for almost a year I've been using the incredible and amazing Brave Browser, this browser not only gets rid of the ads of all sites for you, but you get paid for all the ads you choose to see, pretty dope right? Obviously the quantity of ads you receive depends on the availability of them in your country and so.

The thing is quite shocking, to say the least, to me, this is THE best and secure browser to this day and is disturbing that the way I was promoting it to people (that was saying it gave you a youtube free ad experience) now looks like it is no longer valid.

That characteristic of this browser is one of my favorites, of course, the fact that it makes disappear the ads for all sites unless you tell it to not, it's quite great, 'cause let's be honest, most sites ads are virus, so no harm done and it certainly is better for my computer.

But getting back on track, this is a bit problematic because it is not only showing you the ads, it doesn't give you the SKIP option, so you have to look all the advertising ALL the way, may this be 1 minute like the first caption or 4 minutes something like the one below and who knows how much longer. And of course, you can't set it forward either.




It is really upsetting, but something I discovered was that if you reload the page in the middle of the ads you get to the original video once again just where you left it, but it really feels wrong.

Other thing that I noticed was that they weren't in all of the videos, it was almost like a glitch, in some are in others aren't. And I'm pretty sure that most of the content produced these days on youtube have advertising of some sort, or I just stumbled upon the ones that didn't have one and that was just the effect it gave me.

It really looked weird the way the ads were presented, as I said, without the skip choice and out of nowhere, because in the videos they weren't the little yellow dots that signified the ads. It doesn't look like a complete job, maybe we are getting more out of it in the future.

Either way, I'm not sure what Brave is doing, maybe is a partnership with youtube and google? I don't know. They could just be making general changes in the Brave Browser, could be testing if the youtube advertising works for them? If it's something they wanna try and change? Just a coincidence? Something wrong with the update? A really cringy glitch? (which it'll just give me nightmares), is youtube forcing them? (I don't think so but who knows). I really want to believe in Braves creators, that they are unique, and they do what is best for their consumers. 

But I certainly want to see where this goes. If it means that the free-of-ad policy is not a choice anymore or just isn't for specific sites that they get to decide (Well maybe that is part of the agreement that is made when we installed it in or devices; that is up for change in the way they see fit and let's be honest must of us don't read those terms).

Tell me what you think about it.

Well See you later!! 


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PS: I really really don't want to see youtube ads again, my life became better because of it.

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