Brave rewards July +180% payout - 3 month review!

Brave rewards July +180% payout - 3 month review!

In May 2021 I started using Brave. If you're not familiar with Brave you can read my article here about this brilliant browser. The last 2 month I didn't write a review because I wanted 3 recurring payouts of my BAT tokens first. I wanted to make sure everything is as intended.

Brave is, in my eyes, still the best browser available right now, there are no performance issues, the ad-block works just fine, brave-ads are not insistent and the payout is pretty decent. My last payout was scheduled for 7th of August and was finally transferred on 10th of August. Like others, some panic began to kick in, one day after the scheduled payout date because I received no tokens at all. I researched for official statements and found some reddit articles. Some people said "They don't pay at all and your BAT tokens are gone". Then I found the official Brave support page and this post. I've waited another 2 days without any panic and finally received my payout as intended. The payment will be processed 3-4 days AFTER scheduled payout date, so no need to panic here if you're waiting a few days. 

My earnings so far:

First of all I'm using 2 smartphones (me and my girlfriend) and 4 desktop devices (home and work) with Brave. I know, some of you won't be able to use so many devices, but I can say, every little counts! I use Brave only on my devices because I am 100% convinced of Brave. 


May: My first month of using Brave, I earned 2.52208 BAT (1.91USD).

June: second month using Brave, I earned 3.25 BAT (2.46USD).

July: third month using Brave, I earned 9.85019 BAT (7.47USD).

The increase of gains was made because I connected all devices to my Uphold wallet in July. I've surely missed some tokens before. Just for browsing, I think, this is a great opportunity for everyone to get a passive income. As said earlier the browser is stable and has some features, I explained in a previous article, no other browser has. Give it a try! 

if you have any questions, feel free to ask me, regards ntz   11.08.2021


passiv income I use:
  • Honeygain           - sharing traffic (5$ signup bonus!)
  • Brave                    - secure, fast, private browser with crypto income
  • Presearch             - search engine with crypto income I use with Brave (25PRE bonus!)
other ways to gain crypto free:
  •            - post about everything and gain BCH
  •             - similar to
  • pipeflare faucet   - 24h faucet for ZEC, Doge and FLR
  • Torum                  - crypto social media platform with own currency
  •        - social platform, get paid for interacting
learn and earn:

remember im not a financial advisor

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Brave - the browser we can trust.
Brave - the browser we can trust.

Brave is the browser we all wanted but never had an eye on. its faster, more secure, more private and you can earn money while using it check the blog for more info! :)

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