Sweatcoin had entered the Market. Move to Earn.

In my post titled, Only 1 day is left for the new Cryptocurrency Sweatcoin, written three weeks ago, when sweatcoin had launced his crypto the following next day, I had given you basic details and information regarding where you can download the app, of this new Walk to Earn crypto app.

It's officially had launched and accepted in various platforms like Coinbase Prime and is accepted now in Trust Wallet.


It is an Walk to Earn crypto app.

The simple way to mine crypto named SWEAT through this app is just to walk as many miles you can make in a day.

Currently when you make 5000 steps, it will mine 1 SWEAT coin.

Key Features of this app : -

1- You can spend your crypto to buy and get discounts from most of the top brands provided by the app in partnership. These apps range from watches to wireless earbuds, etc ... .


2- You can donate your crypto to many causes in the app. From help of various societies to clean the environment population and to save the marine world, etc ... .


I had also donated some of my SWEAT crypto tokens to the cause. My donations are as follows : -




On many of the donations, you give through this app, you will get gifts and discounts of the products they offered. Like this one. I had received 15 % off on Omega - 3 product which is manufactured by Calgee company.


And also when you donate, the app will also make sure to make you little happy for your day to change, by displaying cute emojis.


3- You can exchange your Sweatcoins that are generated by walking steps into SWEAT crypto tokens. Currently, sweat economy is saying that it is bring more platforms, so that you can convert or exchange your SWEAT tokens into different cryptocurrencies like ETH, BTC, TRX, etc ... .


The following app had also launched his own wallet named SWEAT wallet which is used to transfer SWEAT crypto tokens. Litepaper of this can be accessed through this link : - 



4- You can also transfer your SWEAT to your friends or while purchasing something, if the owner had also his wallet on sweat crypto, which is maintained by NEAR blockchain.


5- You can also stake your sweatcoins earlier in Sweat wallet to get  exciting rewards for big shows, had a change to earn also Apple Mac Book Air Laptop.  


6- The wallet now offers Fiat currency to purchase SWEAT crypto tokens, which is exchangeable by MoonPay. 


7- Games are also coming in the wallet, which means you can get NFTs by playing games, means in future this will also provide Play to Earn Opportunities.


Now is the most important time for minting this token, because in future, it price will be going to increase like any other cryptocurrency or Alt Coins.

Below is the charge given in the website that shows by the year 2024, it will also add new movement validators like cycling and swimming, which will detect movements and mine SWEAT cryptocurrency. It is currently now in Phase - 02 , September to December of 2022, and then it will move into Phase - 03 in 2023 and then it will move into Phase - 04 in 2024.


Also Minting Difficulty will significantly increase over the years, after Token Generation Event (TGE) which is already done.

Minting Difficulty means you have to walk more to generate 1 SWEAT crypto token.

Currently it is 5000 steps = 1 SWEAT.



Here are founders names who had developed this crypto token : -

1- Oleg Fomenko.

2- Anton Derlyatka.

3- Egor Khmelev.

4- Henery Child.



Sweatcoin Distributions as provided by the website in its site : -


Right Now it's price according to coin market is $ 0.02145 per SWEAT.

This is for this post.

Hope you liked it.


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