BTC as a way to tell time.

By 8bitb4rt | Proof of Work | 28 Aug 2022

I'm an IT guy who sometimes run wires for new installments. Most of my work happens in telecommunication closets. Sometimes no one will visit these closets for years after I finish.

Every time I complete a job I leave a special note for the next guy. Here is today's note.


One day this will blow peoples mind.

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Proof of Work
Proof of Work

Welcome to my proof of work book club! Since it’s a bear market right now, I thought it practical to go back and read some books written from previous cycles. I was curious how well they aged and how they would tell an interesting story without seeming irrational due to the volatile nature of cryptocurrency. I’ve found that most reviews seem to be done by no coiners, or folks with very limited crypto exposure. Thus, I think a lot of reviews are misleading or just plain lame. Ill also post about BTC here.

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