Starting with Brave browser

Starting with Brave browser

By Bautista | Starting guides | 13 Jun 2020

What is brave browser?

It is a browser as it is google chrome or Mozilla Firefox. What makes brave interesting are some features it has with respect to privacy and a system that rewards its users and content creators. As they say, their mission is to fix the web giving its users a safer, faster and better browsing experience. Certainly they want to change the way in which advertising in the internet works.



Brave has shields that protect the user of trackers and invading advertising. Many websites have trackers and cookies that follow you around the web getting the sites you visit. The shields make it harder for them to do this, it protects you mainly by:

  • Blocking ads and trackers in the websites.
  • Making the browser harder to recognize and follow.
  • Upgrading to secure connections when the sites allow it.

While the majority of the big companies in the business of the internet collect information about their users and sell it to others, brave says that they don't have access to identifiable user data.

Rewards and advertising:

While you use brave, you wont see ads in the sites you visit as you normally do, there wont be pop ups or sites full of advertising. You can choose to keep browsing like that or opt into a non intrusive way of advertising. If you choose to receive publicity, the ads will appear as a notification of your computer and you can choose to see the add or not. If you allow the browser to show you ads you will get BAT (basic attention token) as a reward (they are paying you to opt in seeing ads), these are tokens that you can use in the platform or withdraw and change it into crypto currencies or fiat money. You can use this BAT inside the platform in order to tip or contribute to people who create content you like, as it may be a you tube account or a twitter user.

These are the two main features that makes brave an interesting option for browsing the internet. Something that come with it is a faster browser as it has less things to load because of the blocked ads.

If you want to download it, I leave the link with my refer code for you to download if you want and you help me earn some extra BAT by doing so:

You can read more about brave in their website and see their F.A.Q here:

Hope you turn into it and share with your friends, it is a good option to start for giving less power to the companies that doesn't respect your privacy.


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