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By Sdsahu101 | Brave Browser & BAT | 2 Apr 2020

      Well before starting on this topic let's have some introduction.So hello and welcome you all here on this article and wishing you all a good day. Well first of all I am a newbie here on this ecosystem i.e. on the publish0x as this is my over all 6th post and the 4th about brave browser and BAT and you can also read my other posts here. So saying all that let's start on today's topic.

      At this point I think all of you must be familiar with brave browser and BAT. So let's not wait anymore and get started on the topic.

      1.Brave Sync V2

         As you all know sync is a pretty handy and most important feature for those who use a multiple type of ecosystems to easily access bookmarks and other essential features easily across devices. Brave sync was previously available but it broke the browser itself so they removed it.With this being their new priority they are also adding some other new advance features in addition to the old ones like wallet sync among new features.

      2.Support For Extensions On Android Side

          As we all know extensions are pretty popular on the desktop side of browsers. Brave is looking forward to bring some of the best and hand picked extensions to the android side of the world.

      3.Improvements To The Binance Widget

          A few days ago both finance and brave announced made their partnership public. By this all brave users will be able to trade on the brave browser itself without going anywhere else about which you can learn more by the post I made earlier. So going forward with this partnership brave is integrating some more features to the finance widget on the new tab page which will include the system of deposit, convert and pay among others which will be coming to the widget.

       4.Improvements To Importer On Desktop

          While coming from another browser to brave browser it can be a hassle as you also need your browsing data and bookmarks to be with you in addition to to the extensions which you use regularly. So brave's future plan includes the seamless import of extensions while coming from other browsers and also some other improvements and bug fixes regarding it.

       5.Support For Enterprises

           There is also some planning going on to bring enterprise support to the brave ecosystem for large groups with group policy templates/documentation. Regarding the above I have no further knowledge.

       6.Super Referral Program

            A new referral program will ask be making it's way towards brave browser knowingly "super referral program" about which I also have a very little information.

       7.iOS Playlist Feature

            A playlist feature is also being planned for future release for the iOS side of things. As I not being an iOS user I don't know what this feature gonna bring to the table for iOS users.

       8.Reworking of Fingerprinting Protection

            Few weeks back brave brought a new privacy feature to the brave browser called fingerprinting protection with user's privacy being brave's primary objective. So now they are planning to make fingerprinting protections to be randomization-based which will surely make it more private bringing more power to the end user. 

       9.Some Other Privacy Tools

            Brave is also trying to add some more privacy by adding privacy preserving replacements for stateless social media widgets like facebook container which is present in Firefox browser.

        So these are all the upcoming features which will be coming to brave browser in Q2 of 2020, though there might be some sort of delay bringing some of the features because writing codes is not that easy.

         Please let me know about which features you guys are most eager to see surfacing on the brave browser in the comment section below. Hope you all liked this article and wish all you readers a very good day.With saying all of that I bid you good bye and hoping to see you all again with another new and interesting article like this.

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Brave Browser & BAT
Brave Browser & BAT

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