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NFTs has attained a considerable popularity in the present day, which has made it become an crucial part of the blockchain ecosystem, with it uses been found in blockchain gaming, collectibles, memes and digital art spaces. NFT's are types of tokens or unique digital assets and NFT has been developed that each NFT has its own distinctive property or identity, making them quite unique and non-interchangeable. 

The distinctiveness of each token attributes make them impossible to replace or create copies, which makes them scarce and giving them good value. NFTs are growing in popularity as an asset class, with a significant increase in market capitalization. The NFT industry’s market capitalization has increased from $31 million in 2017 to more than $20 billion in the year 2021. With this been said please read along as i let you on a revolutionary platform which is LUCHOW a platform that has created a decentralized digital currency which can be used as a medium of exchange and can also ease trade. The interestion thing is that the platform has developed a borderless democratic form of digital token for the world at large.



LunaChow is creating the world’s first crypto protocol leveraging the power of of the worldwide community to develop a better token that increases and maximize equity and profits. LunaChow has been built on the Ethereum network, which makes it an ERC-20 token which is arguably one of the world’s largest decentralized smart contract ecosystem. LunaChow platform has been developed to play a vital role in creating and establishing the tokens development schedule, which makes it quite credibly a democratic token that disrupts traditional financial structures which gives power to the people all over the world. LunaChow team has also created a revolutionary token with credibility and transparency in the mind of the developers.

Lunachow has also embarked on bringing forth a new generation of tokenomics and asset issuance on the cryptosphere which is none like never before. They began with no private sale, no team allocation, and no pre sales they buyers might end up dumping on the market eventually. This guarantee 100% fairness as all LunaChow tokens sold will definitely pass through public sales, which will definitely maximizing stakeholder equity.


One interesting thing is that 99.9% of LunaChow are burned upon the project launch. Which has been set out to allow the value of the initial burn to introduce an increased value to token holders with immediate effect. Instead of spreading the burn mechanism over time, which will force users to deal with puzzling forward pricing mechanisms and a high possibility of market uncertainty in the crypto space. All these with the goal of delivering a latent value of a burn schedule to all users of the platform.

LunaChow has also developed an automated buyback program. As LunaChow continue to sign up with new exchanges, LunaChow buys back a good amount of share of its tokens from the token holders which enables provision of the reacquired tokens to the new exchanges it is listed on. Performing a buyback boosts the liquidity and, as a result, minimizes price volatility which benefits all users.


You can buy LUCHOW Tokens with Trust Wallet or MetaMask on Uniswap, PancakeSwap, Quickswap, Sushiswap, 1inch.

CONCLUSIVELY, LunaChow has created the first cryptocurrency built for everyone in the crypto space, which makes it a people oriented project with fairness and transparency and with a burn schedule that is one of a kind, the LunaChow model gives users the ability and the power to easily transact in the network’s native token while also benefiting holders over the long period. They are also partnering with existing industry payment providers that are credible, LunaChow’s global applicability and true fair and transparent launch make it the perfect cryptocurrency for the future for the crypto community. The platform is energy-efficient, fairly launched aith all transparency, and governed exclusively by the community, a platform for the peaple and the platfor, also helps to guide in a new era of cryptocurrency fairness and adoption all over the world.



  • Phase I

LunaChow Mainnet Launch

Website Release

Whitepaper Release

99.9% Token Burn Event

• Phase II

CoinMarketCap listing

CoinGecko listing

Social Media Marketing Campaign

Charity Drive Launch

• Phase III

Third-Party Smart Contract Audit

LunaChow Staking

Lottery System

Website Redesign

NFT Minting & Marketplace

Merchandise Store Launch o Partnership with Payment System (CoinPayments)

• Phase IV

Exchange App Development (Stage I)

Global Multimedia Marketing Campaign

Unified Multimodal Wallet (Stage I)

Global Remittance





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