Introducing Tectone23 - A Revolutionary Next Generation Smartphone with built in Blockchain Technology

By Brainardpaul | brainerdpaul | 18 Mar 2022


The blockchain technology is presently penetrating different areas of the modern Information and Communications Technology community and this has been absolutely amazing to be a part of. The blockchain technology has shown the world and without doubts to be a catalyst of change that has covered a wide range of industries in the years since Bitcoin’s emergence, with this revolutionary technology surging great and amazing strides over the past years, and still has a huge latent area for maximization and expansion in these and many more industries..

This days, the number of mobile devices has shown us its amazing growth, with more than 0.7 billion wearable devices in 2017, with almost 44% being smartphones .This number is expected to reach 12.3 billion mobile connected devices by 2022, which will exceed the world’s projected population at that time 8 billion by one and a half times, all these is according to CISCO. Furthermore, with the mobile trend sweeping across the world, the numbers of internet users keep increasing and this translates to spending increasingly more amount of time on their smartphones and other devices. With this been said, Tectone23 as reached out with a revolutionary platform and smartphone that will change the future of how people all over the world interact, transact and securely store their digital assets while establishing a powerful and dominant interconnected community across the world and the amazing team is also making sure to develop the next generation 5G smartphone with built in blockchain technology for the digital economy. This is exceptional with the decentralised smartphone running the completely bespoke Tectone23 OSTM based Android completely DeGoogled and also giving back unbeatable user privacy.



Tectone23 is creating something big and the amazing team and developers as set up the next generation smartphone with built in blockchain technology. This amazing platform is presenting an astonishing smartphone with built-in secure messaging, a crypto wallet and a Web 3.0 browser built with state of the art technology which is something revolutionary in the crypto space. Tectone23 wallet has aslso been carefully designed to safely secure the storage of cryptocurrencies and digital assets. This exceptional platform is easing the crypto-payments and aslo amazingly facilitate the management of virtual assets. Tectone23 technology will decentralize all apps, website, communications and data as well as provide users with a native wallet all these within the platform and this will provide a contactless access to their private keys which also makes it extremely secure.

Furthermore the Tectone23 revolutionary platform will perfectly with the best in mind shape the future of smartphones, allowing each and every individual within the crypto space all over the world the potential to have a smartphone as sleek and usable as the leading phones we can find around today in which it is embedded with extremely secure and crypto centric features of a blockchain smartphone you could find anywhere around the globe.

This revolutionary platform wants to shape the future of how people interact with each other and in the crypto community and the platform also give the users the ability to smoothly transact and securely store their digital assets while aslo bringing together a powerful interconnected community across the world at large. The Tectone23 platform wants to make sure that they increase inclusion by encouraging absolute involvement in the digital economy and widespread adoption of blockchain technology and this has been made sure by reducing difficulty and eliminating barriers to new users. This exceptional platform has seamlessly integrated blockchain technology Tectone23 devices and has been designed to deliver matchless customer experience by enabling an easy to use platform, secure and a great user experience.

It is worthy to also note that Tectone23 is developing the next generation 5G smartphone for the digital economy and worldwide crypto space, The produced decentralized smartphone will smoothly run on the completely bespoke Tectone23 AOSP based on Android Open Source Project completely DeGoogled as earlier mentioned, and it is fully equipped with a full scale of advanced security features and measures that gives an unhindered room for users complete control over data and privacy and seamlessly integrates the latest blockchain technologies which makes it a revolution to behold. The revolutionary smartphones will allow cryptographic keys to be securely stored on the device in a secure part of the processor which can only be accessed by the user, this makes sure that users of the platform can be confident of top class services and usage on the device.




Tectone23 has created a utility token TECHT that fuels the Tectone23 ecosystem. As a TECHT holder there will be exclusive access to pre-sales of Tectone23 products before they are made available to the general public, this gives holders the first hand access to amazing products released on the platform. TECHT token will be initially based on the ERC20 network but the team has plans for migration to the native chain happening once development work and beta testing has been completed and the main chain is ready for deployment. The migration will enable TECHT to be exchanged ratio 1:1 into the new chain. The native chain will be developed to utilise PoS and PoA and this will give room for new coins to be mined on the network.


Coin Name: TecTone

Ticker Symbol: TECHT

Blockchain: Tectone23

Token Type: ERC20

Total Supply: 100,000,000

CONCLUSIVELY, Conclusively, its so obvious that this platform has gotten all it takes to utilize the blockchain technology to improve the world's technological space with an amazing smartphone with built in, absolutely secure messaging, secure crypto wallet and a Web 3.0 browser that has been all developed with top class technology. The Tectone23 platform has been designed to secure with nothing to worry about the storage of cryptocurrencies and digital assets hereby easing crypto-payments and give unhindered room for the management of virtual assets and also making sure the inclusion of both new and experienced users into the platform, with easy to use and top class futures on the platform. Considering the vast experience and professionalism of the team behind this amazing project, then you can be certain that the platform will not only succeed in improving the global digital inclusion but will also give rise to tremendous improvements in the blockchain economy.



Q1 2022


Launch ERC20 in IEO, once the IEO is complete there will be a migration from the Ethereum to the Tectone23 Mainnet. Q3 2022 Mainnet Launch and Exchange listing & Smarphone Prototyping

Version 1.0 of the mainnet is launched and Beta testing begins. TECHT is listed on multiple tier 1 and tier 2 exchanges. Proof-of-concept for dev team to test out the aesthetics and the functionality of the handset.

Q4 2022

Tectone23 Product Release

Dapp hub and wallet app are released for download to 3rd party smartphones. Q1 2023 Hardware and Software beta Testing Phase

Tectone23 smartphone is beta tested by the development team.

Q2 2023

Beta development begins Hardware, software, OS and penetration testing.

Tectone23 Smartphone Release Announcement Release date for Tetone23 smartphone is announced via media channels. Q3 2023 Tectone23 release & D.E.A.M Network Launch

Mainnet launch and migration. Launch of the Data Extraction & Mining Network.








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