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Bestiary Ragpully

By Kus Gan | Box full of NFT | 23 Nov 2021

Bestiary nfts is a rug. The creator of the project has been minting NFTs to fake/bot accounts and selling them. He's been doing this for over a week. He has taken out at least 53k wax to Binance from his pack sales. He has also sold for over 12.8k in NFTs that he minted to himself for free. Probably even more, but these are the accounts I was able to find.

  • Creator of the project:
  • Discord ID: 890511474768887818
  • Justin
  • JustinSnap#8667

Minted to: pandastarjjj (bot acc). Created by bestiarynfts. Got a mythical land minted to him, as well as an ancient land. Also got minted: pro pack x4, extra-large pack x3, mythical bestiary. Listed for sale. Sold a mythical land, land pack 3 pcs, 4 pro packs, 3 extra-large packs, and a mythical bestiary. Still has mythical land listed. Total wax earned in sales: 2891,99

Minted to: onononononon (bot acc). Created by pandastarjjj. Got three land packs 3pcs minted to them, as well as a mythical land. All listed for sale. Sold a mythical land, land pack 3 pcs. Still, has the legendary land vaaaanaaaaan sent them. Total wax earned in sales: 1050 wax.

Minted to: genryfordhkr (botacc). Created by pandastarjjj. Got minted: extra-large pack (still listed), ancient land, ancient overlord, extra-large pack x2, medium pack, ancient overlord, medium pack, extra-large pack. All sold. Total wax earned in sales: 1765,5

Minted to: oooflowoowax (Bot acc). Created by genryfordhkr. Got minted: 2 land pack 3pcs, 1 ancient land. All sold. Total wax earned in sales: 2250

Minted to: vaaaanaaaaan (botacc). Created by oooflowoowax. Got a legendary and ancient land minted to them. Sold the legendary to onononononon (bot acc listed below). Total wax earned in sales: 332 wax.

Minted to: brothergagak (Bot acc). Created by vaaaanaaaaan. Got minted: Ancient land (listed). Minted to: bigmaskrolep (bot acc). Don't know who created it but wax staked by genryfordhkr. Got minted: mythical land, land pack 3pcs x5, land pack 1pcs x1, ancient land. All sold. Total wax earned in sales: 4596

After a Successful Land Pack Sale. No one seems to notice what's happening behind.  The creator decided to open the Land Pack Sale again for the "Early Supporter." 

Pack Sale revoked their whitelisted and verified status. The Creator also locked their Discord.

Maybe it's not a rug pull but there gunning for every cent in any evil way possible. 

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Kus Gan
Kus Gan

Crypto Researcher

Box full of NFT
Box full of NFT

This blog will be about NFT's on WAX Blockchain for now, then maybe ADA, SOL, and other blockchains. Up and coming NFT projects, Artist drops, and other related NFT events. And of course Twitter giveaways.

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