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How Serpclix made me $12 in February

By Its bort | bort | 2 Mar 2020

February has been an interesting month for me to say the least, I've been searching all over the web for ways to make money without having to leave the house. My searches have been rather fruitful and I'd like to share my favourite low-attention money maker!

If you've never heard of it, which you likely haven't (I first heard about it two weeks ago!) Allow me to give you the run down. Serpclix is a website that sells boosts in SEO to companies. But that's not what we're interested in, we're the people who are going to be helping! You create your account and download the firefox only (unfortunately, but it's been well worth keeping firefox open solely for the extension!) Extension, once you are logged in and click the notification button to green you're ready to begin earning.

How does it work from there? Well, When you get an order all you have to do is click on it! You'll be taken to the google search page and then all you need to do is hit paste and search. The order will come up highlighted in red (I recommend setting your search settings to let you see 100 results per page, this helps out a LOT, you'll have to change it manually for each different region you search in, i've found)
You will be notified whenever a new order comes in via a windows notification on the side, and depending on your country/location the order will either be a global search or a search tailored to your country. Global searches pay 5 cents per order and specific country orders pay 10 cents. I was skeptical at first, but as time went on and the amount grew, I too grew, grew hopeful that the day would come in march where I would get paid out. Serpclix pays out via paypal within the first week of the next month.
As you can probably assume by the title of this post and the fact I'm raving about this, I got paid out on the first day of march. Seeing as how I began roughly the 20th of February
Serpclix DOES have a referral program, 10 cents for every dollar someone you refer earns for the first three months. I'm going to leave mine along with the regular link to the website, because I feel like the choice is important. Here's my link: Here it is
And here's the regular link to the website, no referral:

This has definitely been a nice way to get a little extra cash and I hope it proves to be fruitful to any of you who decide to try it out, I only started clicking in the second half of february, so it's suffice to say you could end up seeing more than me

If you enjoyed this / found it useful, let me know and I may consider providing more intel in the future when I have more methods to condone! 


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