Book Review: The Fall of Aries by Paul Sating (available for $0.99 on Nook)

Book Review: The Fall of Aries

by Paul Sating



Unlike The Plant, the author’s first published book/novella, The Fall of Aries is a far more mature book. As a relatively new author, The Plant came across a bit campy and the story was not as detailed as it could have been. By contrast, The Fall of Aries is lightyears ahead.

At the dawn of creation, angels and demons were created. And upon creation, they were charged with different roles and responsibilities. The “first of their names” made legislators of their various domains, circles of Hell, etc. The book focuses on Aries, the first of his name, who is in charge of the Fifth circle – and does a marvelous job. His is the only circle that doesn’t seem to be falling apart.

The story takes you through the first few millennia as Hell and Heaven are established, populated (Hell with incubuses, succubuses, and demons.) Additionally, a layer of social and political dynamics of angel and demon power struggles is introduced. Particularly as Beelzebub, an up-and-coming demon, rises through the ranks of power and influence. He and Aries develop a war that includes some epic fight scenes.

In the end, things go awry and the “One” asks Aries to sacrifice a lot for the better and future of all. Aries does so, and enters the world of mortals as he enters hiding. Thankfully he has in his possession “The Creed” a fantastic weapon of unknown proportions.

The Fall of Aries’s story sucks you in for the half dozen or so chapters you spend together and then leaves you wanting more. If you do enjoy this prequel, then go off and purchase Bitter Aries, the follow-on book to The Fall of Aries.

The best part about the author and this book? It’s only $0.99-$2.99 (US) on Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook’s e-readers. (A proper $10.99 for a real-life hard copy). This way you can decide whether you want to spend the cash (or crypto 😊) on his works.


Since its publication, Paul Sating has gone on to publish many books, book series, and podcasts. Check his work out here:


As always, stay safe and successful.

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